Locate a Check Routing Number

how to locate a check routing number

when you're providing funds for an

online transaction or filling out form

for direct deposit you'll often be asked

for your bank's routing number that's a

nine digit number provided by the

American Bankers Association ABBA

that uniquely identifies the location of

you bank account unfortunately it's easy

to find finding the routing number on

the check

look in the lower left-hand corner of

the check that's where routing numbers

are located WH dot performance dot mark

step one underscore rendered

look for an icon on the check the icon

as a character is from the banker

scriber MICR font

identify the first nine numbers all

routing numbers are nine numbers the

first nine numbers in the lower

left-hand part of your check after the

MICR character is your routing number

be sure to exclude any preceding MICR

characters when determining your routing

number following your routing number the

next set of numbers up until the next

MICR character is your account number

the number following the MICR character

at the end of the account number should

match your check number

confirm your routing number by using

symbols the MICR symbols designating

your routing number looks like a

vertical line on the left with two

squares one on top of the other on the

right the numbers between those

characters as your routing number

examine the first digit of your routing

number all routing numbers begin with

the number zero one two or three