well hello friendly friends welcome to

the YouTube tour here we are at the

YouTube headquarters of 901 Cherry

Avenue in San Bruno California I'm sure

that you could just look that up online

I'm not giving away any secrets here

but here's the thing about YouTube

you're not allowed to videotape the

inside of YouTube so I'm going to give

you a tour of the exterior of the

building this is really going to be

exciting first of all notice the

greenery they have against the wall this

is not a visual effect this is real

greenery here's one of the many fancy

doors they have here at YouTube these

poles are made from real metal

thanks so much concrete hey got trees

here and more trees over here and over

here they got a bunch of more trees ok

here we are at the YouTube steps this is

very exciting one of the things that

YouTube is known for is steps they've

all kinds of steps not only outside the

buildings but inside the building as

well now when you get to the top of the

steps you have this great view which is

really amazing of all of the steps that

you just climb so there's that view

let's going over the front doors these

are the front doors and students these

are the actual doors so we're not

allowed to go in

okay this is the only place from within

you to that I'm a new shoes video

ourselves here we got some syncs and

insights urinals installs I mean there's

all kinds of cool stuff in here okay

let's go back outside now well that was


I sure I'm glad you guys got to see even

just a little of the interior of YouTube

headquarters it's a pretty impressive


stop towards the bathroom but you know

it's in general it's a it's a big

building they got lotsa it's lots of

offices as people now you get the idea

they knows the buildings this is what

the building looks like from across from

Street once you cross the street you

come back open that's what it looks like

well I hope you've enjoyed it and I hope

that you've enjoyed it I'll see you guys