New York Yankees Vs. Detroit Tigers | Game Highlights | 5/2/21

that man is corey kluber and that man

is towing the slab in the boogie down

brock's on a sunday afternoon michael

there's nothing better than that

grossman's ready kluber's ready let's do


here in the bronx first pitch is

grounded to odor

one pitch one out nice way to start for

corey kluber

swing and a miss gets away from


he'll fire the first strikeout put out

two three

two down

cabrera rips one to third le mayhew is


across the diamond and a one two three

inning for corey kluber and the yankees

hit shortly up the middle of base hit a

nine-game hitting streak

for stanton


that one is ripped to center field jones

back in his room

he'll make the play in front of the

track and stanton heads back to first

and that's grounded to the shortstop

goodra and he gets

odor for the final out staying off the


swing and a miss scope down on strikes a

couple of good teams

swing and a miss strikeout number three

for clubrous castro goes down

swinging in the miss he strikes out the

side he has

four in two innings

that stays fair it's going to be a base

hit and it rolls and rolls and

it's a fair ball it nipped the bag it

just nipped the bag

so a fortuitous nip for urchella

and he gets himself a base hit

and the pitch line drive down the left

field line

it's a fair ball it goes into the corner

ershella scores

hicks is going to third they're going to

hold him up they held him up

at the last moment they throw behind him

and he gets back

one nothing yanks


driven deep to right field grossman back


wall and he makes a tremendous catch

tagging his hicks he'll score easily on

the sac fly

but grossman kept it from being worse

two-nothing yanks

swing and a miss fifth strikeout for

corey kluber

swinging in a miss he got the strikeout

that he needed sixth strikeout for


the one-two swing and a miss

seven strikeouts in three innings for

corey kluber

swing and a miss strikeout number eight

and today he is on

slow roller kluber off the mound fields

over to ford and a one

two three inning for the yankees and

kluber tigers go down in order we go to

the bottom of the fourth inning

see if we can get another one here for

you michael okay

swing and a miss badou down on strikes

nine strikeouts

for kluber

ground ball right to odor

and a one two three inning for corey


he doesn't want that bullpen to come in

he has been

dynamite swinging in a miss

a masterful eight innings for corey


10 strikeouts two hits one walk

no runs allowed he has been

absolutely brilliant

swinging and a miss and that'll do it

chapman with the stare the yankees with

the win

a 500 record and a beautiful sunday

in new york kluber was the star

and the yankees got him just enough

offense and is this real life david i i

believe this game is under two hours and