HOW TO GET TORNADO GOAT! - Goat Simulator Wind Relic Guide (#3)

yeah my name Alberto and welcome to go

Jim you later today I'm going to show

you how to get the win relic or win

statue yeah suck it

all right cool let's um yeah today we're

going to look at how to get the wind

powers so how to find the wind relic and

how to give it to the wind sacrifice

thing and get the wind powers it's good

all good fun all good stuff you had some

really cool ability so it's certainly

worth doing thank you for watching um

you just got this middle wind turbine

it's the only one with a ladder so it's

not really hard to miss and then when

you get to the top there's actually a

little wind statue it's like over

tornado and it's putting out together

you can you should be able to knock it

down yeah

oh [ __ ] don't go off the edge that did

not just happen

[ __ ] okay so don't do that do not

headbutt the wind thing I just had to

restart the game there we're gonna try

licking it [ __ ] cool okay so just knock

it don't lick it

don't head but it don't do any stupid

[ __ ] like that and then flop down and

sweet we get no I don't you to go

anywhere and then you get this little

tornado statue thing and then I'm gonna

show you exactly where to take it we

just go down here we jump here I might

fast-forward actually because I want to

make this a quick video okay so

everybody watched the goat and where I

go so you go down this road from here

I'm gonna fast forward okay

okay now that we followed this road down

here we go jump in here that beautiful

grassy bit don't follow that you go up

here to the left yeah and then we're

looking for these red flaming statue

things torches and then we got this wind

goat when we put that there and there we

are [ __ ] win Bowers [ __ ] so

we press the left trigger [ __ ] gets

hectic it's very much like the um [ __ ]

okay well he's completely [ __ ]

glitched so we'll leave him alone it's

very much like the demon goat glitch in

the first one which is really messed up

when you go ragdoll the kind of glitches

but yeah it's it's good fun yeah my name

is Bobo thank you so much for watching

my how to get the wind powers video on

goat simulator share it around subscribe

and like and all that [ __ ] and then yeah

you can do this [ __ ] as well you can

become a ball of people good fun thank

you so much

kind of looks like I'm just this really

like [ __ ] up chick he's just like so

drugged [ __ ] she's just like oh wait