Exploring World's LARGEST Haunted House | Winchester Mystery House

sarah built this entire house to get rid

of all the ghosts

she believed that once the house was

being done built she would die

she could never stop building the house

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what's up guys it's sarah colby today

we're in

san jose at the very very famous

winchester mystery house and today

we're hunting ghosts all right guys

let's get in the spirit for some spirits

so before we started filming we went on

a little personal guided tour so we know

a little bit about

what's in this house and let me just

tell you guys there are staircases that

lead to nowhere

2 000 doors for no reason at all in

random spots too that you wouldn't even

expect it doesn't make any sense

160 rooms and yes

this is technically the world's largest

haunted house

that's what it looks like guys it's huge

oh yeah and did we mention we have it to

ourselves just to show you

weird door placements on the side of the

house there's a door leading to a 13

foot drop

i went down there and it hurt oh dude

this is from the door to nowhere why

would she create this

some people say spirits told her to

but that's the mystery we don't know why

she created it like this

our tour guide also said that you can

sometimes see silhouettes in the windows

out in the front which is terrifying i

heard the guy talking earlier he said

that at nighttime they'll see a david

archuleta walking around here

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you guys want to come inside my house

you guys hungry mm-hmm what do you got

you want t scott burger

this is all to us all night

this is the first room you see when you

walk into the house


and here is the grand ballroom room

it's crazy how much architecture went

into this like of all different

eras too the guy was saying like there's

like a mixture of egyptian

japanese like so many cultures just all

in one house

we want to give a little backstory to

this because this is probably one of if

not the most interesting

place we've ever been to because of how

mysterious the story is

winchester house stands for the family

of the winchesters

also known as the people that created

the winchester rifle

which is one of the most famous rifles

in the entire world however sarah

the one that actually owned and built

this entire house became a widow

once her husband died and then shortly

after that their child died at five

weeks old

everything that was important to her was

taken away from her

now the legend says that the reason why

these guys died is because the

winchester rifle that is attached to

their name

killed so many people

that all those ghosts haunted her and

her family

she was really freaked out thinking that

everything was going to go wrong in her

life which it had been at that point so

she wouldn't

talk to a medium that medium told her

the only way to get rid of

all the ghosts of the winchester rifle

would be to move

out west and continue building a house

constantly 24 hours a day seven days a


years on years on years never stopping

they believe that the construction of

the house and like the banging and all

the noise of the construction would like

drive away the spirits

she believed that once the house was

being done built she would die

she thought that this house was like her

life in a way which there is some proof

to that because there was a time

when she was about one month away from

finally completing the house

and that was when this whole place was

seven stories tall

then in 1906 there was a huge earthquake

that completely destroyed

the top three floors of the house

proving to her that she could never stop

building the house in which she did not

until the day that she died there's also

a room dedicated to

talking to spirits here called the

seance room but she went there every

single night

at midnight to talk to the spirits to

get new ideas of what to do next with

this house and like i said earlier

there's like trap doors here

staircases leading to nowhere as you

guys saw like outside like the door that

just opens on a second story with

nothing below it like a lot of weird

stuff she loves the number 13 there's

there's 13

lights on this chandelier there's 13


panes in the ceilings everywhere around

here you'll see that everything like

revolves around the number 13 which

everyone assuming is her favorite number

but isn't that like an evil number two

am i crazy for that shut up 13 13 is a

great number wasn't that started by the

jason movie

no friday the 13th every hotel

every hotel doesn't have a 13th floor

because of friday the 13th

yeah all the architects that she tried

to hire she denied all of them

so most of the house is built by her

vision and she talks to

the good spirits that tell her what to

build to confuse the bad spirits it's

all to confuse these ghosts and to

protect her

how did it turn out to be such like a

beautiful historic

masterpiece there's a lot of flaws but

it's still so i think that's

that's what makes it beautiful though

the craziness is beautiful

like whenever you see like a door

leading to nowhere you're like damn

also it's said that sarah winchester

only dresses in blacks

if for some reason we see a cloaked

figure walking around

then you know it's her i hate that she

was goth

was an e-girl check this out should we

start here

go in there man

and then like they'll have like weird

things like this where one door will

lead to nothing and it's tiny

and then we have a regular door that

leads to a closet like why why do you

have two doors like that push

in on the knob first ready yeah

did sarah have that unlocked something


yeah i think the alarm just went off

yeah the door's being weird we should

get out of here for sure yeah

guys when you're watching us walk

through this house trust me if it's as

confusing as it looks

it is for us as well like we're in a

room right now that literally

has no floor why why sarah the spirits

told her to do it but why

because they wanted to trick the bad

spirits man

okay she apparently had arthritis so

every single stare is like two inches


two inches is still big yeah two inches

is huge

this is the staircase to nowhere check

it out

so if you go in here oh my god

yeah come on guys let me show you

did you slam into that literally a


to nothing wait the rumor has it guys if

you put your ears to the wall

you can hear sarah humming

is a closed room bro there's 13 of these

little bubbles this was a hand designed

window by sarah herself 13. what was

with 13

wait did you did y'all just hear that

that wasn't you

i thought that was good no that wasn't a

floor i know my words

what's creepy about this house is that

the floors are so wobbly that whenever

you're stepping on the wood it literally

you feel your foot like sinking with the

wood during covid there is no one here

there's one manager but he's on outside

the property

if you hear any noises or footsteps

we're the only people in here

that's the creepy part dude there's

someone behind you jake


the shadow man

yeah i heard that too

that was big

yeah it sounds like something's up there

sarah was

411 410 so she was here right now if her

ghost was haunting the place she would


about this high which explains the short

tiny doorsteps god

dang it yeah this would be terrible for

someone like

shaq to walk through check out the size

of these tiny little stairs

you have to go back and forth four times

to get up


don't untie my shoe i was sleeping how

would you like escape if there was a

fire right there

there's gotta be some fire hazards you

would you would hit your head

this is all one staircase to go up one

flight of stairs what the [ __ ]

where did that noise come from

because there's nothing oh wait yeah he

turned off like all the audio stuff

i genuinely thought it was like the tv

up here is it just somebody like outside

that wasn't

but it was three screams in a row who's


the property's so big we wouldn't be

able to hear that someone's probably

just torturing children or something

that's the most logical answer i don't

know about you but every single time i

walk into a new spaces

it's also like a different vibe in each

room and like a different temperature

you feel that too yes definitely okay

some rooms are super cool and some rooms

are super hot

speaking of super hot rooms this is the


winchester master bedroom she

actually died in here when she was 88

years old dude she might have actually

like died right

not in this exact bed but like right

here wait dude

yes yes 100 did y'all just hear that


there's been a lot of like footsteps and

door closes

in and out of that door she used to use

a lot of people here

it's a weird ghostly issue here's a mr

winchester himself the guy who created

the rifle he almost sounds like a really

sad look in his eyes if he got cleaned

up he'd be pretty handsome man

hey i wish that's right sick be here



guys this place is literally like a maze

i don't even know where i am to be

honest i don't know if we're on the


floor or the second floor i forgot

honestly if she was such a recluse and

she lived by herself

i would not doubt that she thought she

was haunted dude sometimes i think i'm

haunted when i'm home alone


look at that did the tour guide just let

us have candles

is he trying to make us do a sales so

the tour guide said that we can't have

actual flames in the house

so we get these candles instead one two

three four five

six seven eight nine ten

eleven twelve thirteen

one two three four five six seven eight

nine ten eleven twelve thirteen the

littlest details

everything i wonder why she chose

this specific room as well i feel like

it's kind of like in a weird

spot well apparently they call this the

very center or the heart

of the entire winchester house like

we're on like the mid-level

and like way way in the very center but

this is where she would like come in and

actually do

real seances where she would wear 13

different cloaks

hang them up every night sitting here

and talk to the

good ghosts see what she should build

about the house to get rid of and

confuse the bad ghosts

so you're telling me where we're

standing right now is where she decided

to make her next decision on her

house every single day every single day

and she didn't really want to be seen up


ever so when she had like the butlers

and employees and stuff they would like

see her walk up here and they wouldn't

know where she really

like would go so she had built in a trap

door where this just looks like the

end of a closet so that she'd sneak in

and out of this place without anybody

i feel like there are so many secret

passageways that people just don't know


exactly if there's 160 rooms that we do

know about

how many like our underground or some

random place you know

yeah there has to be secret stuff

there's probably like at least like 13

more that we don't know about wait so

are you guys down to do a seance

ourselves in here this gets 1000 likes

later in the video we'll do a sound yes

but you have to like it right now

yeah we can tell we'll put it in but if

it's not 100k

lights then we're going to have to cut

it out

my favorite part it's an amazing design

she has the world's tiniest bathroom

to take your shite it's a glass door so

you could just watch someone

take crap right there corey didn't you

say you needed to take a crap

who has the bathroom key we only know

the things that the spirit

said to her about the house because the

house is so weirdly made but we know

nothing about other things that the

spirits probably said to her like what

if they said like

take a dump on the front lawn two times

a day it's true

we don't know anything anything i

thought you're going

to go like a little more deep than that

like she had two hour long conversations

with the spirit realm but like the

taking of dumb things no yeah

but think about all the things that the

spirits have told her she had two hour

long conversations with

something upstairs for 38 years that

sounds like they took over her

whole life yeah they're probably like

it's one potato a day two steak one

broccoli three water

two apple juice did you think it was

that detailed

for those of you guys at home to think

like she's just some crazy woman who was

she talking to

you know she was every night she was the

only person that would go up there she

would not let any butler

any employee ever go into the seance

room who was she talking to for 38 years

why would she spend that much time

talking to these

spirits if there truly wasn't anyone

there what if she was talking to her


she actually was talking to her husband

my husband's like

build a staircase to wall build a window

on ground

this is like a victorian wreath every

little part of this whole wreath

is made out of human hair hair you guys

see that

you can see hair where there everywhere


hair oh right here right there

you know if i really wanted to i could

just take you down in the ground

strangely until you die

and nobody would ever know because we're

alone in this house

me and sam would know

he always does that he invites me to

play these fun games and then he just

dips he runs away i don't get it can i

make a bracelet of your hair

i think the coolest part of sarah

winchester's house is it comes with


staircase specifically not the gas

station uh it's the staircase so you go


seven stairs but then go up 11 stairs

but you're still

on the same floor why would you why

would you do that

at all you know they were uneven stairs

one stay on one side's bigger than the



i don't know if you guys know about this

but seven means like good

and like heaven and stuff like that it's

like a heavenly number but 13

is the opposite of that very bad do you

think it was something religious that

she was going through a lot of people

were saying that she was in constant


for this whole 38 years until she died

because you know her

husband and her only child died since

you're a little kid don't you guys have

like a number that has always like stuck

with you that like you do stuff in that


what's your number three so you do

things in threes she does that

in 13 that's why corey only wipes his

ass for three seconds

yeah i've only wiped my ass three times

even if it still needs more

after three wipes are wasting toilet

paper true

this is daisy's bedroom so apparently

this is her first bedroom before she was

able to make her other one

until one day they had an earthquake

this whole

wall caved down and locked her inside

and they had to pry

her out and you can still see the pry

marks right there by the tools the


crowbar like she was so close to being

done with the construction and then

something just

destroyed everything coincidence i think

not so this is what i was talking about


literally the wood bends with your foot

i feel like i'm going to fall through

well they said that there was a lot of

furniture taken out

so there was a purpose at one point and

i think this were almost

full you think this is the place to fall

that's what the trap house needs

jake i could push you right now and kill

you yeah

intrusive thought have you ever had an

intrusive thought have you ever been

with your uncle and you're just like

what if i just beat the [ __ ] out of you

right now you don't really want to

it's called an interesting thought oh my

god oh

dude oh did you just hit your head what

was this for

that's the smoke lounge you can really

tell why she's like 4 11.

i can't even imagine like a 4 foot girl

just like

walking around here like it's our house


hello okay so this is the witch's cap

they say this room changes it smells

like blue yeah it did not smell like

this the first time

so the only information we have on this


is that sarah liked it it was very

special to her

could have been a seance room as well

but it looks like a witch's hat

and it said that a lot of employees a

lot of guests would not even set foot in

here so i don't know how we're always

coming in here chilling

that was horrible the tour guide said

that if you stood on this exact

mark right here only right here and then

like face that way and just

set something in your ankle yeah cause

it's like

does none of you know naughty flushed it

out of [ __ ]

it does that though i really thought you

were gonna fart for it and then here's

the highest point

of the entire winchester mystery house

this is what we were looking for

you guys didn't notice this but it

probably took us at least 20 minutes

just to find this

because it's so confusing you have to

like go downstairs and cross a hallway

and then find

other stairs that go higher to just get

to this spot

but dude it feels so peaceful up here

yeah it's nice




they say that most people when they hear

their hauntings or our footsteps is

through this hallway right there


he's mine jake

okay so this is rumored to be the single

most haunted room

even more than the seance room for some

reason yeah apparently

guests that come here even people that

work here now

don't even step foot in this room for

some odd reason nobody knows why

but there's nothing in here you know

everything got like completely destroyed

during the earthquake i don't know why

but maybe we should try to make contact

here too

so guys this is basically the end of the

tour there's like

so many different rooms but these are

all like the biggest hot spots and the

crazy stuff so now

i guess it's time to start contacting

some ghosts wait

we forgot about one spot what's that

the basement the dungeon oh there we go

the wheelbarrow goes guy

i won't go down there wait what's what's

the wheelbarrow ghost

apparently there's been people that will

come up after a tour and they'll be like

oh your actor down there he's really


and they're like who and they're like

you know the wheelbarrow guy the guy

walking down there pushing the

wheelbarrow and they're like we have

no idea what you're talking about like

that's not the tour

oh my god he was one of the original

workers that worked for

sarah oh he's really old what year did

sarah die no

1922 something like that he's only 100

years old dog

oh i'm sorry i guess he had the

wheelbarrow when he was zero

dude smell right here it smells like a


oh yeah god dang it

i don't know if you were filming i was

like it smells like cheerios in here it

smells like feet in there it smells like


that is just the conversation me and

jake just had

that each room has a different smell and

a different temperature

colby did the seance room smell like

feet to you

yes yeah yes it smells really bad and

then the witch's room smells like piss

dude just look at this really quick what


that looks so scary it looks like a jail


great is there like lights or something

oh yeah

nice so like corey was saying oh my god


why did that flicker corey did you do

that yeah

just like cory was saying a little bit

earlier if you look down this hallway

apparently people have been able to see

somebody with a wheelbarrow

there's a light that keeps turning on

and off back see look wait just watch

watch look

what the [ __ ] oh what the [ __ ]

didn't they set that up or something

what the [ __ ] is that well i've seen

scary movies

[ __ ] that dude so we shouldn't go down

all right cory you go down and check it


wait so see wait now now it's on why is

it just

i hate that i'll go with jake goes yeah

go go guys you got this

jake's just going for it if he gets

murdered right now he'd be so mad

imagine dude i hate that

he's just trying to be funny come on

don't walk down here

oh my god

jake jake



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comrades assemble

assemble yes yes

yes comrade this is what we're gonna do

we're gonna split up here's your


there's your camera which places do you

guys want to go explore three two

we should go to utah i want to explore

the castle oh my god i'm seeing purple

everywhere all right

here i'll tell you where you're going to

go then you're going to go to the

witch's cabin oh

the place that smells like yeah and then

you're going to go

to her room sam and i will take the most

haunted room sound like a plan

split up on three one two three four

logical thing to do in a house is split

up on three

one two


just hear that three so we're on our way

to the most haunted room

right now and there's already creeks

down this hallway

again no one's in this house except for

us jake and corey are way way on the

other side you can

faintly hear their voices okay how do we

get there that's a real question

oh yeah it's through this creepy f


oh my god why would you have a freaking

grandma's chair right there

the rocking chairs are always the worst


what do you know where we're going no is

this the witch's cat oh it is

we found it

dude now what this is no bro oh yeah it

does kind of smell like peanut butter

i'll just say this might be like a

different smell

bro it smells weird yeah that's so weird

what do you think this room was for i

have no idea dog

ready i'm going to test this out

oh i have to face this sword

apparently this is the most haunted room

all right so again like we said we have

no idea why this is haunted we got zero

backstory but

apparently just people get weird vibes

in here and just

always want to leave so

i don't even know what this would be

used for

keep quiet for two seconds see if

anything just does anything if not

i say i was called to things maybe try

the spirit box

sarah winchester if you

or any of your workers or anybody or any


that's still living here want to make

contact with us please

let us know

we've heard a lot of stories about this

particular room

is there any spirit that can hear me

right now that wants to make themselves

known to us

this is your chance


so this is what the the tour guide told

us that like people

feel a vertigo dizziness slash

nausea and when i first walked in here i

kind of felt like a little queasy

not like to where i was gonna throw up

or anything but it was definitely like a

different vibe like yeah like this is

definitely a different

happiness than the rest of the house

like this is definitely like

dull and like i mean like look at the

vibe of the room it just looks kind of

like beat up

old comparatively to all the

architecture and the painting art

throughout the rest maybe try a spare

box yeah we can try that

all right so bro

do you hear that yeah


if you are in this house or if you are

in this room with us

this device that i'm holding will let

you be able to communicate with us

so sarah if you're here with us

can you please make this device blank

to a different color

i'm gonna try talking to whoever can

hear me right now one more time

this thing that i'm holding will let you

communicate with us

make this flicker to a brighter color

this is a spirit box it scans radio


very very very quickly and if there's a

spike in energy

then that means the radio word will

pop out so if the spirit is trying to

connect with you it'll use these words

to answer our questions

so sarah winchester if you're

in this room please let us know through

skirt box right now


does any spirit want to communicate with

us right now


if you tell us to leave right now we

will leave

do you want us to leave this room

we didn't get anything just talking here

or even getting things investigating

here either so maybe just this room

isn't as haunted

right now yeah so let's go change up


if you died by the winchester or if

you're named sarah

or if you worked in this house

please give us a sign that you're still


come on makes on the knock hit the wall

let's go to our bedroom instead yeah

let's go

guys we took a pit stop in the ballroom

immediately after sarah winchester died


every single worker that was working for

her because i remember they were working

24 7.

as soon as they heard her that she died

they dropped everything

and left so they're still half hammered

in nails and everything

from when they left they just really

want to get out of there obviously they

weren't treated that well however when

the word got out to the public everyone

came into the house trying to find her

treasure she hit her most valuables in

this room right here

not one door that opens up to a complete

steel door

to what a six inch safe that opens up to

another safe

that opens up to a bend and in these

bends right here

was the eulogy and will

and a lock of hair from her daughter

and her husband so that shows you that

out of all of her riches and everything

that she has owned the most important

thing to her was still family


oh is this her bedroom is it it is

yes that took so long that took so

long dude that's what she looks like

what was that it sounded like something


on the wall

what what was that

dog that literally sounded like crawling

in the ceiling

that was like in the walls oh my dude it

was in the walls



sir are you in here

sarah if that's you could you make that

noise again

if that's not sarah can you make that

noise again

what the [ __ ] it was that was an eye

sarah did you just knock on the wall

if that's you talking to us can you

please knock on the wall again

sarah why did you make your house like


dog for real what was that

i don't know we weren't creaking it

we're staying still no we

saw my creeps no bro that was something

in the walls it was knocks and crawls


you're standing right over where she



what was that oh

what it went to red it went all the way

to red

sarah if that is you can you please oh

what the [ __ ]


oh my god right where her body was dude

well i'm scared


so guys we're sitting right here

we hear footsteps like as if it's

walking in the room we thought it was

sam and colby we are gonna we yell their


nothing happens i said let's go explore

and jake goes we'll only do it if we

hear it again

and then immediately footsteps right

here like and it wasn't just no like

it was like eight footsteps


i heard



that worked out perfectly right when we

walked in we heard

like something crawling up the wall oh

right by her bed did you guys get

anything on the reader oh yeah we put


on the bed next to our pillow and we

were trying to see if the door was

closed and this just started going off

really it went off nowhere else

nowhere just on her bed and that's where

she died right where she died yeah we

did not catch

near that much so that's crazy but uh

you know what time it is now guys

are you ready what time is it now

um what you say well

is that it yeah every single night

sarah winchester did oh

right when you said sarah winchester

just went all the way to red

all right to the sound stream

we're gonna go


this has a quick reminder this is where

sarah went every single night at

midnight to 2 a.m to try to talk to the


and apparently every single night they

gave her another clue

of what to build next to this house

all right let's give ten seconds of

silence to actually get in zone

because like if this is the largest

haunted house

in the world we should be okay something


all right just take 10 seconds look eyes


all right what's up

yeah it's like this yeah

but even lighter yeah oh yeah way better

like it's in the wolves

any spirit in this room that wants to

communicate with us

please feel free to take our energy

from either the camera or ourselves

to make some sort of sound or sign

does anything else feel like the floor

getting very rocky

yeah i feel the floor rocking

what was that that was a female voice

yeah we're in the very center of the


sarah winchester is this you giving us

did you just hear that yeah

no there's something else right before

you said yeah

sarah oh my god there's no electronics

near either

way it's it went off for like a whole 10


please do anything right now make a

noise hit the wall

and we'll stay

oh it's just a bug right what'd you hear

i heard like a yeah like almost like a

cricket noise

or something like that yeah

if there's a spirit here show yourself

we want to talk to you

okay this is the last chance

this is your only time to prove that

there is some sort of spirit here at the

winchester house

please give us some sort of sign

what the [ __ ] what was that

right now hey what's up

oh my god

dude right itself says that

the odds

i thought satan was walking into the

room and he's about to throw me off a


i thought satan wanted me to [ __ ] my

pants and it was right at midnight so

it was probably just sarah winchester

coming up to do a sean so what do you

guys think about the winchester house i

totally think it's haunted bro i think

it's haunted i think we got a little bit

unlucky tonight but there's definitely

some weird stuff

about this yeah do you guys not remember

what me and jake got true

there was someone [ __ ] crawling in

the walls yeah that's going to be crazy

five times and we did get a lot of k2

spikes as

well i'm not saying this is debunked by

any means this is a crazy

house and like jq's pointing out a lot

of the mysteries in the labyrinth and

the architecture of this like

why you know it's such a weird mystery

it's this huge puzzle that no one can


and that hurts my head so guys if you

guys want us to go and check out another

haunted house in the united states

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this is season three sam and colby so

it's gonna be

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we'll see you guys

next one with another video adios


i know what i want