How to Waterline your Eyes

- what align your eyes you will need a

cotton tip and a good eyeliner pencil

the waterline is this little fleshy part

of the eye just above the lash line no

eyeliner will grip to an area that is

already wet so make sure first of all

you gently dry off the waterline with a

cotton to gently pull down the skin

underneath the eye and run the pencil

eyeliner just along the waterline it

doesn't matter if you don't get it 110

percent perfect because any mess you can

just simply clean up after I usually

wouldn't use black as it looks harsh so

try a brown or a nude shade for the

upper waterline gently pull up the skin

underneath the eyebrow and clean off the

waterline with a cotton tip again gently

lift up the skin again and then take

your pencil eyeliner and gently run it

along your waterline I'm using a

waterproof pencil that I also really

love to use cold pencils because they

sit a lot nicer on the waterline you can

also use gel eyeliner much like

tightlining this technique really makes

the eyelashes look a lot bigger and

before if there is any mess just clean

it up with a cotton tip with a little

bit of eye makeup remover