INSIDE The ABANDONED RFK Stadium Home Of The Washington REDSKINS

this is insane

it's crazy so yeah we came here early in

the morning

we really want to get a sunrise shot

so yeah but this is how the field looks

right now it's amazing

can't believe i'm walking through

something like this that's left


i mean so many historical

football shows were here they even had

the super bowl

so it's just baffles me and look there's

a stage right in front

that's flooded

was this a stage maybe it wasn't

never mind i thought this was a stage it

could have been

but it's too tiny in my opinion

man these are the front row front row

seats though


kind of wish i brought football here


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steve ronan link in description you know

it's no secret that rfk stadium is old

and now pictures of a crumbling press

box there have many people saying that

it's time to retire that stadium

our horace holmes is live from rfk

tonight with the pictures and more

horace the city made 10 million dollars

worth of renovations into this building

over the past two years

but officials say it's just not worth it

to do anything major

rfk was given a facelift when the

nationals moved to washington in 2005


only routine maintenance has been done

to the decaying stadium since

the cost of doing anything to rfk

stadium is

way more expensive than tearing it down

building a new stadium rfk

built in 1961 and it is clearly

showing its age


look at that


memorial for the founder


you come in

all right guys we got we gotta get some


nope look it looks like they don't want

to talk to us

covid they don't want koben

they're taking social justice a little

bit to the extent now they've got the


but they've got plywood this is what

everyone should be doing actually

i'm actually um

happy about this oh they're taking it

very seriously oh yeah i'm like majority

of people

like this guy oh

this is right

we're all within six feet together the

box office room

i want to go inside here

all right we can't get inside the box


check it out i just found the key

location map

we gotta check out some of the top rooms

i'm super stoked to be taking you guys

on this adventure with me today we are


this really famous stadium this is the


stadium this stadium was famous for the

redskins so much history

goes into this place and i just can't

believe it's

abandoned like this


but enough talk guys let's begin this

adventure but before we do smash a

thumbs up

so right up here are the announcement


oh my gosh yeah there's a crap ton of

spider webs

and pigeon poop

yeah this is one of the announcement


let's check out some more down here

oh my god what the [ __ ] what is the

pigeon doing

why is his head upside down right now

uh what the [ __ ]

dude zombie pigeon bro what the [ __ ]

we are amazed right now guys this head

wait bro was it born that way i hope not

oh maybe like smash his head one time

oh my god he's not flying away

poor guy all right well we'll leave you

alone buddy

so up five don't touch yeah no one go in


okay now i'm scared to open these doors

what's next is another pigeon oh

oh no it's a spider face

look at the wires

oh man yeah these are rock solid

look into the yeah like hey make your

sheets comfortable next time

oh no these are so much better yeah oh

these are so much better i feel like

they're the same one

oh yeah it's that little bump right


it gets a little too close you know what

i'm saying

yeah it's a little bumpy that looks like

uh maybe for kids that's what they said

those are gonna be bringing the kid


yeah i guess they're not that bad all

right jimmy put your head right here

i feel like these were definitely the

cheaper seats to

oh hey the highest points over there

yeah oh that over there and then on the

exact other side because it kind of

waves around

i kind of want to get up there the

lights are and stuff

but you actually got to get up like on

the roof or so you gotta like climb


no there's a there's a ladder all the

way over there you climb up and you walk

around on the wave

[ __ ] yeah you can do that stuff you

kind of right might be some drone laws

in this area

some hawk who flies out get your drone


yeah interception on the fourth 45 yard

line it's just one seat

he's pretty cool he's just chilling he

gets a really nice view

oh yeah yeah why are these buttons

once that's open they're probably for

the pa system

i'm not sure should i try it it's a

little dusty

what opens like the doors

yeah you know i'm not even gonna touch


you never know what could happen here oh


i love i love watching [ __ ] switches

yeah especially when they work

oh this announcement room has multiple

seats it's really cramped

i like the first one better

this one's really really big

probably the biggest announcement room

here i don't really want to walk

because it's so dirty i don't know if

you can see those cobwebs but you can

definitely see those cobwebs

and like two giant spiders

we're skipping it boys well

we walked all the way up here because

we're gonna start from the top

and work our way down to the bottom


now those right there are the vip rooms

we're gonna

take a ui just because the sun is

shining from that way

and i don't want to film some stuff

that's overexposed

it's going to take a while but we're

going to see a lot of cool stuff

if we go the long way watch the nittany

lions play once

and that was pretty cool stadium but

this is definitely a lot bigger

yeah yeah i mean this is full-blown nfl


i know you know what i've always wanted

to explore an abandoned stadium though

so it's just the one um that got torn

down what was that one in detroit

there's uh the old saints dome

stadium it was like blue katrina that

one was pretty famous which one

it was like a blue stadium like up north

cause i know that

because i know there's also one in new

jersey too there's actually really yeah

there's actually a bunch of them

but this is really the best condition


this is pretty nice like nothing's

broken up no graffiti

i'm quite surprised yeah

i mean it's no longer turf but

it's crazy


we can get a close-up of the sponsors

oh you look

and then this is where like the vip is

that's the restaurant with the glass


yeah that's where the restaurant is

where it says like 418. oh that's a vip

yeah this is old vip right here gotcha


everything you see around this is vip

but that over there is the lunch room

that's where people get their food

yeah that's what i was thinking i

changed the color now

look at these seats doesn't even look

like they've been painted oh yeah they


this is just amazing to explore like

i've never explored an abandoned stadium

let alone an abandoned football stadium

this big

that has a lot of history was really

popular back then

so dope

what's with the boxes

i don't think we should open it but take

a little look

all the light bulbs those light bulbs


really expensive too god damn oh

okay makes me wonder why it was like

parked right next to his door

and i don't know dude i don't know

no no let's leave it

yeah and they're brand new why would


are they trying to renovate this place


weird i thought this was a bomb for a

second i'm looking at those wires right


but it's not right no it looks like a

lighting ballast

okay good to know

yeah it's a light light power factor

just making sure

we're really here to just document the

stadium and

give everyone a perspective that's been

wondering how this place looks now

you have to go down to like

don't leave your arm let me go down to

the sidelines too

yeah for sure we're going to cover this

entire area clean

what's that a freezer

can you

but now i dropped my phone through that

i used to be covered

used to be covered yeah

you open up for business yeah i have a

hot dog some fries

no hey

where's your mask coronavirus man yeah

where's your mask out

i'm gonna report you now

it's black mold everywhere on this

wow it's huge

prices aren't too bad

actually yeah they're pretty bad of

course you're getting into

damn i hate buying food and like major


like movie theaters or stadiums like

look at these prices

really yeah they get clean too it's like

they just changed it

maybe use it for oh my god oh

like what

it's like they use the oil once and then

close down like

you can still see the coils on the

inside that's how clear it is

here's another snack bar this one's




it was cheaper in that one

i guess it depends on where you where

your seat was

you walk an extra five feet and you get

a dollar off that's for your five foot

that's crazy let's take a look at this


oh you would put all the drinks in here

you still have cups

hey we got a hand sanitizer that's good

yeah clean

why there's still some inside i need to

clean my hands

you can't push it no more oh it's empty


something catches on fire let's see if

there's soap let me just wash my hands

oh oh i got soaked we got soap we're

safe guys

they seem pretty clean yeah especially

those right there those are going to be


then hang upside down at this time ooh


yeah it's for the 100 pennsylvania farm


are we having farmer shows in washington

farm shows huh farm shows i'm down for a

farm show

i love farm shows looks like someone

moved this

they're just stickers i think we're at


wait i mean i feel like we should be


that's where we're going here's the

baseball press box and then you got the

soccer press box

okay so these are the two uh wait this

is the announcement room right

or no okay

you know gotcha we should check out

those rooms then oh yeah

well we are pressed yeah we're pressed

so are we on the right side for that

yeah because right there

currently behind a billboard

just the entrance one of them yeah it

looks like it

there's an escape ladder so currently

we're making our way down to the vip

seating area

if you happen to be watching this video

and have been to the stadium before

leave a comment down below let me know

like your entire experience here

i bet i bet it's bringing back a lot of

good memories action

m12 and m14

yeah wow

this is so cool so here's one of the vip

seating areas

glad we made it over here especially

right next to the uh

the snack bar or food court

this glass ain't

there's some see-through vip seeing


down here's the press room yes this is

the soccer press box

okay terrible the door's kind of heavy

whoa yeah

how do you turn on the tv

can you do it again for us i was playing

with it yeah

dude that's a clean seat

not that trash actually no yeah i mean

it's metal

pretty well dude this room is dope

i guess this is a sauna room now

this is sick there's even more

seats down here

so after this place was being done used

as a football field

they converted it into a soccer stadium

and baseball stadium

so in this press room right now and uh

yeah those are people basically just

you know looking out at the players

seeing if they want them at the team

observing them from this room

yeah i'll turn off the lights

i said my words wrong guys when i say

vip rooms last time i meant

those are like uh like the first

day what was called like walk up to the

door those are like walk up to the door

type of

vip private area yeah but uh this is the

actual vip room

so sick

this would be so much fun to be in

still got some condiments

nice expiration date on this

february oh nine

yeah 2009. it's a really cool room i


it has a little bit more color too

oh wow yeah this is sick

can't see whatever you can't see yeah

nice blind spot right here so nice

so can i just walk through here

the motion sensor lights

oh oh yeah

it was a sec i actually want to take a

photo in here

this was probably the best vip room

hands down

guys i hope you have been enjoying this

video so far definitely

leave me some comments down below oh man

this is amazing

anyway smash that thumbs up button and

guys if you've been enjoying the video

so far we still have a little bit more

to go this room is a little bit


the posters on the walls

i don't know what teams are for right

let's check

some rooms off the list we got vip rooms

we had first aid purchase vip rooms down




this is the cafeteria

oh i'm mad thirsty

yeah not bad ray charles on the side of

the pepsi bottle


let's put it back

this thing is running we're just gonna

feel nice and cold

oh yeah

that's empty nothing

special in here

hey what's this

see prices here


steak and cheese 10 lemonade

that's a sin no

no you guys know me i love lemonade

10 bucks yikes so we just found the

guest service room


you would come here for help

i found this poster

this is when i got converted to a soccer


and this is a soccer team


from 2017.

i can't see

got an old cell phone here


by now


providence hospital

isn't that in rhode island

oh we got a medical stroller here

dude you can uh we can patch you up yeah

clean my cutout from the other day

yeah let's patch them up

we should put some hydrogen peroxide on


oh that [ __ ] probably burns that would


i don't know if i would like even those

hydrogen peroxide i don't trust it from

this place

we're not gonna actually use it so let

me see what's in here

i mean if it was still sealed that might

be different we got we got the wound


bandages alcohol gloves wipes eyewash

sunblock gauze

what's in here

oh usually organs or maybe

catch up bandages are in this bag

don't want to touch that

making the fingers nice i think st

john's better at organizing than bethany


yeah beth if you see this video you

gotta step your game up yeah step it up

that is nice for a photo

yeah maybe just hold this up

i feel like i gotta use the bathroom

guys we haven't even checked it out yet


oh it's out of service oh no yo

this is creepy the cameras are reloaded

like all red

all right so no man's saying this is a

tiny bathroom


i guess this is like another vip area

for the championship


this section is pretty nice too i just


you might even prefer this in the vip


pretty much checked out all the rooms

guys right

feels like it pretty much got everything

not much is different on the other side


i'm pretty happy with what i've shot

well guys

we did it mission complete hope you guys

really did enjoy this video today

just left the stadium and made it back

to the car safe and sound

definitely check out these guys that

were joining with me today because

without them

we probably would not have this


um made ever so it's just my phone

yeah how do you get there anyway um

oh really this little speed bonus man

but yeah guys if you did enjoy the


let me know if you want me to explore

more band stadiums

i actually don't know if there's even


like this but hopefully there is in the


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comments thoughts down below and

share the video guys i think a lot of


around this area are going to enjoy

seeing this documentary and seeing what

it looks like inside so

if you know anyone from this area or

might be familiar with the stadium

definitely let them know be exploring

two more places

so yeah stay tuned for more videos every

saturday 6 p.m eastern time guys

they're gonna be amazing peace out