The Touring Dead | Visiting The Locations Used For The Walking Dead

nine years ago one of the greatest TV

shows in history came into our lives

today we are leaving the bridge starting

our quests

there is a water tower up ahead

our day is gonna be spent traversing


and a lot of the filming locations

from walking dead here we heard that

drinks in the way

by the way live plant the signed welcome

to Senoia the perfect setting for life

also the perfect setting for a TV show

centered around death and ex keeping it

here we are approaching the water tower

we have arrived in Senoia Georgia also

home of many of the film sites for The

Walking Dead

right behind me is what was used for

Woodbury welcome to Woodbury its Martha

on the floor and we're gonna head into

the waking dead cafe get a little coffee

okay something adults also filmed here

and you can pre jail I'm gonna go in the

wake me dead calf in get a little coffee

start our day

and seven total total


and it's like everybody for your show

it's nothing here for coffee



going on a tour today that's out of the

Georgia mercantile company and the tour

is run by the Georgia tour company we're

gonna go check in so we're at the

Georgia fur company we're gonna get

started in a few minutes on our tour but

of course the most bizarre things always

happen right so this is our tour guide

James welcome to Woodbury and he

immediately says when we walked through

the door that is part of the cheap seat

nation and believe it or not the

governor watches our videos on all the

time on Disney on Disney the governor is

a big Disney fan yes I have a good heart

tries to rule even-handedly I do it just

goes to show I'm gonna check out the

tour a little bit bring you guys along

so you come in they have a pinboard of

where everybody's from that's taking

this tour yikes

I've got all kinds of merchandise in

here team Andy Lincoln Lucille pants

it should be available for you


this crosswalk was a major crosswalk a

barrier the goodbye

there's littered with zombies over in

this area done season three one way in

and out and this is Zeebo as we Andreea

sprung into action stab is on the

internet and when Glenn and Maggie were

held captive Rick we Darrel routine

kneeled down beneath this tree next to

those tracks inspired their way in pass

the barrier and in the show

this was the Woodbury coffee in cafe but

they had a cover that signed with a fake

sign as well as replace all of these

signs with welcome the Woodberry which

ironically Woodbury is an actual city in

Georgia it's about 20 miles away

so while terminus is actually in Atlanta

the scene where Rick was in the train

car sit there screwing with the wrong

people was actually filmed right here at

Alexandria behind it you had a crush on

Alexandria his Woodbury this was the

Bank of Woodbury the bookstore the

flower shop all fake fronts the only

thing that's real is the bricks on the

bottom everything else movie magic these

two buildings were built after season 3

and back here this was all grass this

was the Town Hall which was just a set

piece there is a Ferrari

parked outside a Greg Nicotero and the

only way this is restaurant lunch there

later check that out thinkin maybe mr.

Nick Attero might be in the house

this was the governor's residence in

Woodbury top three windows but we never

see inside the governor's residence in

this building the rest was done on a

soundstage this area here has one of the


this was the barricade where the

governor was hitting golf balls often

the top of the barrier well Merle was

there into the Walker's this section

over here was actually used in season

seven with the kingdom so they do use

these towns over and over again for

different seasons and different sets


this house has been used four different

times for different episodes for

different angles this is where Milton

was working on zombies this is where

Andrea was held captive this is weird

and Glenn and Maggie were held captive

and right outside here later is when


released balloons to let everybody know

that he and Enid were okay outside

Alexandria which ironically right past

these train tracks and around the way

this is Alexandria and his windmill over

here is actually used in season 9

upcoming has not yet been seen in any of

the episodes this is the way to terminus

and here's some more Alexandria safe

zone the walls up this is the house that

Rick and Carl hold themselves up in Rick

falls into coma

Carl lures a couple of walkers away

kills the walkers outside of this house

goes back to the safe house this is the

infamous pudding house Carl calls out by

window sits on the roof and it's 112

ounces of pudding down this way it's the

backside of Alexandria which is funny

I'm Morgan Street coming closer to

Alexandria sticking the ground over

there is where they built the tunnel to

go underneath Alexandria check out the

love of Alexandria sign us from season 9

I can't go in Alexandria now because

they're actually filming them still and

since they have open sets we have to

stay on the outside

this is Alexandria these are all real

buildings except for this this was the

church until last year now it's the Town

Hall top right he's ready Anna resided

interviewed all the people that came

into Alexandria

this window is in front of a couple new

structures here I suspect the windmill

may be a result of the whispers perhaps

the technology coming into play this

season this is where the fence was

broken into

to get into Alexandria this is where the

watchtower was and where people could

sneak getting out of Alexandria as well

my tracks heading into terminus this was

the tunnel the Therese went through is

actually fake and that's going alright

we just wrapped up our tour with the

Georgia tour company that was absolutely

amazing saying if you are a Walking Dead

fan we're gonna if you're a fan of just

seeing movie shoot locations or TV shoot

locations that tour was ridiculous

awesome about two and a half hours and

it was a guy photobombing me the tour

was phenomenal about two and a half

hours about two miles worth the distance

we went all around so all the different

filming locations and now we are still

in Woodbury we're gonna give you

something to eat like at Nick and

Norman's and maybe see the walking dead

store which is over here somewhere

you're gonna catch a bite to eat in Nick

in Norman's

this is owned by Greg Nicotero and

Norman Reedus formerly owned by Zach


this picture in Nick and Norman's it's

kind of like The Shining and it's

replaced with all cast members from The

Walking Dead

the picture is awesome Scott the menu

Nick and Norman's they're known for

gourmet burgers


have awesome starters do have entrees as



some areas gonna get the grates pick

which is a blend of ground chuck short

rib and brisket patty all of the burgers

kind of come that way this is with

blackened seasoning blue cheese baby

blend lettuce caramelized onions and

tomato I'm going to get the classic

burger which is the same type of patty

with lettuce onions tomatoes pickles

I'll scratch those pickles and get it

with some cheese I like that the drinks

are served in mason jars these are the

hamburgers like they're like stamped on

top for Nick and Norman's it's good we

are wrapping up hamburgers were awesome

lots of like speakeasy like when were

40s music playing over stereo if you

have a bunch of souvenirs here to

service classes you can autograph book

from Norman Reedus


and Lincoln our own buttons snapback


greenies shirts

sweatshirts so lunch awesome by the way

the tour was phenomenal again I can't

say enough about it I did not film the

entire tour there are a lot of stories

that are told and anecdotes and a lot of

little details that you're gonna find

out if you go on the tour

I would really encourage you to go do

the full tour well worth the money and I

get 25 bucks a person to go do

absolutely awesome they run it multiple

times a day

I think I'll last stop by Woodbury it's

gonna be the Woodbury shop

okay the official walking dead store

right his place is loaded wall-to-wall

Walking Dead this is pretty awesome be

like Norman Reedus terminus aprons poor

Glen this is pretty awesome bracelet

it's like a bat with her seal Walking

Dead crossbow and if Daryl dies we right


chocolate pudding 112 ounces we have the

figures we stopped with Daryl Michonne

and Rick we don't have the Glen figure

oh my god this is just like GI Joe are

you kidding me what this is freaking

amazing bobbleheads oh you get caught up

on the novels or you could eat some

dried zombie skin or zombie jerky I like

this shirt

and I've got some Senoia shirts here I

know I said it incorrectly earlier let's

the Neue it's annoy underneath

everything I see a sheriff's bag what if

it has Rick's guns in it going

downstairs because there is a Walking

Dead Museum look Bob signed it

bicycle girl Melissa Angeles Erin



don't open debt aside don't dead open

inside this was a prop mirror season 2

episode 10 prop knives here's the family

photo from the governor governor's dead

wife was here as well as his daughter

penny his Daryl's original motorcycle

his jail cell don't get bit

what's this quarantine cellblock season



there's the W zombie I like they have

the video screens of the heads that were

in the aquarium and this that took

pieces of Woodberry pieces of town hall

no ASP up here is the dental chair that

Andrea was strapped to when she was in

library all right we are leaving the

Woodbury area we're gonna go try to

check to see another location is that

what kind of driving down a back road

here I'm just breaking in here for one

moment because we went down this little

country road we were actually looking

for Hershel's farm and it's off the path

where you can't really see it in a

distance and the barn was a set-piece at

the time but they do use Hershel's farm

still for filming the hilltop seems but

unbeknownst to us as we were going down

that long path we ended up at Raleigh

studios or other studios is where they

film a lot of bean Tyria and the other

scenes for The Walking Dead it's owned

by AMC Studios now so when we pull up

here we're actually pulling up to

Raleigh studios but we didn't know what

we were pulling up to at the time I

actually thought we were pulling up over

my Hershel's farm which was further back

up the road a bit so sorry for the

confusion but that's what this is I

think that's going to be it for shooting

locations from Walking Dead for us but

very much like to see the other shooting

locations within the city of Atlanta

around there abouts to see the jail and

those types of things in terminus but

it's 2 o'clock now and we've got about

the 7 hour driving experience to go home

so I'm gonna get out of here all right

that's gonna do it for us for today

thank you very much for watching thank

you very much for all of your likes and

your comments and your subscriptions

treat others the way you want to be

treated have a great night see you guys