(Part 1) How To Fix Your Check Engine, VSC, Trac Off Warning Lights On

guys Paul here okay this is a 2007

toyota highlander and i want to show you

something that happened that was very

easy to fix

um want to start the vehicle up and i

can't duplicate what happened so i'm

just going to show you on the dash here

let's start the vehicle up actually i'm

not going to start it yet

see these let me do that again okay i

want you to see these lights down on the

left the yellow ones see where it says

vsc and track off and also the engine

light those stayed on after the vehicle

was started okay show to you one more


vs c track off those were on with the

check engine light and so I fixed it

real quick apparently the gas cap was

loose and when I went up when I went to

up check the gas cap it wasn't it wasn't

fully clicked so you just got to really

make sure that when you're done filling

when you put that cap back on see and it

even says here tighten until one click

okay there's the click and it even says

you know that if it's if it's not

tightened properly it's showing the

check engine light may come on and

obviously with this model it also makes

the VSC and the traction control come on

also that's all I did and I went back

into the vehicle started back up

and everything's everything's fine now

so that save me some money so I hope

this helps someone out there god bless

you have a great day

bye for now