VIZIO M-Series M401i-A3 40" Smart LED HDTV Unboxing & Review


hey guys welcome back today we are

unboxing the Vizio all-new M series and

this is a m40 one I ate three class

razor LED smart TV so when you compare

to the visual east series what makes the

difference is that the M series has a

better performance so that means that it

has the ultra-thin design and has a

Wi-Fi building it is a HDMI TV you know

with all the application you can

download it has a better refresh rate at

120 Hertz and of course it's gonna be

1080p so I was looking for another TV

for my living room because I do have

another visa razor 26 inch in my bedroom

right now and it's just awesome it's

been with me for about four years and

this particular M series TV it offers a

lot of features because not only having

brand new design which is a new year

borderless design it also have a 1080p

and at least they start from 120 her for

the refresh rate so combined with the

dynamic contrast ratio 10 million to 1

then we would expect him to see a very

clear sharp image now let's take a look

inside about and see what we have and

this is the TV stand and it seems very

strong and solid alot TV now have a

problem with the stand because sometimes

it makes a very small stand for a huge

TVs this is real my first time and

bought something that big so this is the

Buffs that has all the cables control we

load batteries paperboard this Smart TV

doesn't have a full keyboard like any

other Samsung or Sonic TV which is I

would say not a big disadvantage anyway

I will find out later

now visa really make it a lot easier for

me to installing the stands only three

screws that's it now let's take a quick

look my first impression is very sleek

and the stand hold the TV well strong so

this is what you will expect to spend

over a year for your electric city bill

alright so this is the remote control

as I mentioned it has the traditional

look and with all the navigation buttons

and you also have the Amazon Netflix and

an M go buttons for your application and

it's just a quick access to them okay it

doesn't have a full-size keyboard like

internal TVs which not my big concern

alright so now let's take a closer look

to the design of this TV is so slim and

it has the only one button which is the

power button if you lose the control

you've done so look at the stain it hold

very strong very slim design right here

oh yeah there's only 1.5 inch thick

alright so this is the back of the TV

with only wall mount features and if

that's your option then you know it

should be easy for you and so the inputs

it we have three HDMI components and

compasses are shared together with the

tuners Ethernet USB port also a support

analog audio out and yes that's the RCA

with the digital audio out and that's

optional of course now let's turn on the

TV and as I mentioned earlier there's on

one button on the TV if you lose the

controller you better find another

replacement let me zoom in real quick

and I will live it up to you guys to do

all the initial setup it's very

self-explanatory and don't forget to set

up your Wi-Fi as well it's very

important this is how it looks after you

set up everything very sharp image even

I recording with my camera externally

and with a smart deeming technology then

the brightness is very clean system

throughout all the edges of the TV and

if you want to download more apps you

can do that through the Yahoo app stores

in this very easiest process and you

won't have any problem so I've just

downloading the YouTube app which was

not building earlier but it takes only

about 10 seconds to download it so and

one of the cool thing is that when I

search for something then the search

engine does help me with

you know the searching so that way can

type things faster so that's why I say

that the full-size keyboard doesn't

really my big concern here and in terms

of the sound quality then is more than

just acceptable because I do hear some

surround sound with some bass that I

didn't find any other and you know TV in

the same price range

so this is what you should check it out

at your local store thanks for watching

guys I will see you guys in my next