Galaxy S10 / S10+: Create Shortcut to Record Voice Audio Immediately

how to create a shortcut to voice

recorder to start recording immediately

on a samsung galaxy s 10th stna or the

s10 plus now first cut on the home key

to go back to your home swing then swipe

down and tap on the Settings icon at the

top here next up on displayed then go

down and tap on edge

swing next up on edge panels and in here

tap on the edit button in the passage

make sure a task edge

he selected if it hasn't already then

tap on the edit button and here go the

way down and then go to the voice we

call the section and tap on start

recording and it will simply add it to

the passage on the right-hand panel over

here so after that tap on the HOME key

to take you back to your home screen

then from here you can swap out to open

up the edge panel you may need to swipe

across until you find path edge and here

to start recording immediately just

simply tap on start recording and your

phone will start we calling straight

away as soon as you tap on that button

so I just can't say that recording so

let's see if it's open up straight away

again swipe across to open up the edge

panel then tap on start recording and

you can see that we calling will start

immediately because previously within

finish after we call it that's why it's

still here

so I just kept them safe so that's it so

swap out then tap on record and it was

that do we cut straight away that's it

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