How to find your nonimmigrant visa number

okay you're a non-immigrant visa number

this is not the control number by the

way hey it's normally annoyed next under

the expiration date okay the number that

you see on red that this number is your

non-immigrant visa number and then so

often when you're applying for the

benefit so let's say if you want to fly

an immigrant visa or non-immigrant they

will ask you for your non-immigrant visa

number so again this is not the

controller number and it's on red under

the actuation date and also sometimes

people think to confuse the

non-immigrant a visa number with the

non-immigrant visa application that's

two different things okay it's two

different thing please so this is the

non-immigrant visa application this

number that you see okay that's

different from the form the

non-immigrant visa number they are not

asking for the online on a non-immigrant

visa application again that's your visa

so you will see the only number that are

on red those a that that this is exactly

your non-immigrant visa number check

your visa next to the expiration date I

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