Tomb of Mary in Jerusalem Video

welcome to Jerusalem experienced at home

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Jerusalem and it's holy sites from your

computer hi I'm Anne Frankel the founder

of and today we

are visiting the church of the sepulchre

of Mary which is the term of the Virgin

Mary which is located in the Kidron

Valley right at the foot hill of the

Mount of Olives so let's enjoy this

video in Christian belief death is our

punishment for the original sin

regarding Mary the mother of Jesus God

is believed to have shielded her from

the stain of original sin at the time of

her own conception moreover she remained

a virgin throughout her life as such she

was the first among all human beings to

experience resurrection Catholics

believe that Mary was taken up body and

soul into heaven while she slept at the

site that is now the basement of the

Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion the

Eastern Orthodox including the Greek

Church claim that Mary died in her sleep

the Dormition of the Theotokos buried

and only then experienced resurrection

today the church over the tome of Mary

which was built back in the 14th century

by the Franciscans is controlled by the

Greek Orthodox Church and the Armenian

Apostolic Church now let's enter the

Church of the tomb of Mary while the

entrance gate dates back to the

Crusaders the three stairs in front of

the entrance are new in order to prevent

floods 47 steps lead to the depths of a


but there are also important graves

halfway down here to the right at this

Chapel are the traditional graves of

Mary's parents and a new arena here to

the right is the tomb of N and here is

the to view him lower down on the left

hand side is the tomb of Joseph the

carpenter of Nazareth Jesus's adoptive

father and Mary's husband the

underground Hall is shaped like a cross

but now is in a temporary T shape as the

area opposite the stairs is blocked off

because of flood damage

to the right there is the chapel housing

Mary's tomb


we are now entering the chapel to see

and touch the tomb of Mary


the glass plates around the grave in

order to prevent pilgrims from taking

mementos here above is an opening in the

ceiling symbolizing Mary's ascent to


during the years the muslims ruled

Jerusalem they built a prayer leash myth

hub in the cave facing east to Mecca and

is here to the left of the tomb behind

Mary's tomb further along the cave there

is an icon of the holy mother and her

son to which Christians attribute

special powers on the western side there

is a Coptic altar

every year on August 15 all Christians

all over the world celebrate the

Assumption of Mary a big ceremony takes

place here at the actual tomb of Mary

both by the Catholic and the Orthodox

for each of them I have a separate video