Whoopi Goldberg Breaks Down As Meghan McCain Left The Show 'The View' For This Sad Reason

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megan mccain from the view is a

controversial figure on the morning talk


the conservative co-host often clashes

with her fellow panelists

and she recently feuded with the legend

whoopi goldberg following an on-air spat

going viral many expect mccain to

apologize to the egot recipient

but that never happened and the show is

now on hiatus

the ladies of the view don't often agree

on issues which leads to riveting


on the episode that aired on july 28th

mccain and goldberg stared in a

tense moment that happened during the

live broadcast

goldberger brought up the challenge

accepted a viral trend that had

celebrities posting black and white

pictures of themselves

the purpose of the digital campaign was

to support women's empowerment

when mccain talked on the issue she

veered the topic into the woman's march


and it all kicked off as a conservative

woman there's always a level of

skepticism because we're never invited

into circles traditionally

mccain said in the women's march we were


not invited to join and told to stay

home if you're pro-life

mccain continued it ended up being that

the leaders of the women's march had

strong ties to farah khan

and a lot of anti-semitic and in my

opinion extremely problematic

and controversial views goldberg

interjected and correct mccain noting

that only

one of the women had strong ties to

farah khan not both

well you can watch the tape of me

interviewing them on the show and make

your own decision became snapped

yeah i was there goldberg fireback you

were not mccain clapped back

mccain continued to be adamant that she

was right while goldberg pushed back on

her claims

it turns out that the latter was correct

video of the interview

resurfaced and proved goldberg was at

the table on july 14

2019 after the incident between mccain

and goldberg

the republican pundit took a day off in

her place

sarah haynes joined the ladies to

discuss the latest hot topics

on thursday july 30th the show was

preempted as they shifted to covering

the memorial for john lewis

many fans were expecting mccain to

address this spa with goldberg on friday

july 31st but it went unnoticed mccain

announced the show aired its last

new episode for the season and will be

going on hiatus until september

with the show being off the air mccain

left without apologizing to goldberg on


thank you for a really wild intense but

memorable season

today is our last episode and we are on

hiatus for the summer mccain tweeted

grateful for this platform my co-hosts

our feelers the view team

and one of the last truly uncensored

spaces in all of television

see you in september following the

on-air fight fans are believed that

mccain owed

goldberg an apology and called her out

on twitter before you leave there is

something you forgot to do

apologize publicly to whoopi how about i

stand corrected

you were there a fan suggested did you

apologize to whoopi on camera a viewer


if not then you my dear sister are

self-centered and the frown on your face

is you

not your brand but you be careful not to

believe your own press

people like her never apologize it's

beneath them megan is hateful

a twitter user commented i guess we

shouldn't hold our collective breath

waiting on

megs to apologize to whoopi huh another

fan added

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