Faith and Reform in the Catholic Church from "The Vatican: A Wholly Roman Empire"

two millennia in the making a flock of

1.2 billion devotees a legion of over a

million foot soldiers nuns bishops

running a staggering quarter of the

world's health care facilities and more

than 200,000 schools across the globe

still Rome remains the beating heart of

the Roman Catholic Church but the

far-flung outposts of the Catholic

Empire are moving in from the margins

the center of gravity shifting

Christianity is therefore not the

cultural property of any particular

country or continent or civilization

over the last 40 years Catholicism has

seen a global shift southwards and

overwhelming half a billion Catholics

live in Latin America and another

hundred and thirty seven million in Asia

of what Africa's Catholics have

increased by 15 percent

Europe's have diminished by the same

proportion why are people not going to

church anymore this Europe that has

Christian roses may be abandoning its

mission corruption inflexibility and

worst of all tests sex abuse scandals of

shrunk church membership and undermined

its credibility the sectional abuse was

a great problem for the church not only

for the type of crime that has been

committed by clerical persons but also

for the sense that a lack of governorís

and Finnick of providence was practiced

by bishops not all of the church's

wounds are self-inflicted society is

changing and society is this enchanted

people see no need for religion any

longer in their day-to-day life in fact

unbelievers now make up the world's


for lack of a better word religion and

that's just one of many new and old

problems piling up the churches facing

the challenge of a lot of new Protestant

churches to think of a country like

Brazil where they say the more than a

million Catholic faithful leave the

church every year they propose an answer

to to ordinary people which apparently

the Catholic Church no longer does the

old church however is trying new tricks

to stop the bleeding

pop star priest shiny new megachurches

and a Latin American Pope will it is

hoped win back some of the labs and the

lost in Africa to the sobriety and

ceremony of Roman ritual is being

transformed by the sweat and song of

local cultures but efforts to

reinvigorate the faith at the margins

are not always met with approval a

center there's always some suspicion of

what Africa has to bring to the table

Rome sets the tone for how local

churches could practice Catholicism

clinging to control sticking to

orthodoxy insisting all roads lead to

Rome could these be the causes and

effects of a church in crisis