U.S. Open 2020: Worst shots from Round 4 | Golf Channel

okay was right he would have been happy

with a six

and this is no gimme

there's been 18 double bogeys at number


so that ranks as the


third oh it's the second there's a 21

bow doubles of course on the 18th

and this one's the next worst this and

the fourth

how about that one and 18 leaders in the

double bogeys had one

add one well it's the 11th toughest hole

overall for the week but

yesterday it was the third toughest so

it went three two

one the opening three holes was left

with this

for par this is when your heart's

beating a bit more because you think i

don't do it again

don't overdo it oh he's gone away right

be careful no no no he's not again

coming back

oh my goodness

he did do it again well if you're at

home enjoying your coffee and you love


tour players struggle check this out

chess and hadley over the back of the


at three coming down the slope

looks pretty good didn't stop that's the


watch this it's gone

you think this place is playing hard or


this is probably going to finish it at

about 10 30 on monday this is the


i mean that's all the way that's 10

yards off the front of the green

oh he's at the top of that hill i'll

tell you rome check this

role member you do this but he's got the

wrong side of the little ridge

it's a tiny little rolled off air and


oh my god that looked a little comical

unfortunately he was trying to do

basically a 90 degree

turn he was trying to do what the ball

is going to do right here

his second shot he was really unlucky

that his second shot didn't catch that

slope and feed back down into the ball

so boy kurt that that's the greatest

example of these greens though

the margin for error being so small yep

if you don't get it

right here on the ridge it's going the

other way great point

and there's a lot of it it's not 503

yards today the par

4 8 burger with this third shot

oh on this fourth fairly shortly

and that is one of the things that you

can do you can be one of the best

players in the world and wingfoot will

make you look like

an imbecile

this was rory from that

front corner of the green of one

this is about a 70-footer and it's in a

bowl and he didn't quite get there that


that's gonna go all the way back where

zach's ball went he better not move

this first green is so intimidating and

it's a nervous place to start

if you're the leader and you're waiting

you know where the holes cut these guys

get out here early they study the whole


and they know how hard this first one is

especially if you missed the fairway

and we saw zach's third come back

and now rory mcilroy lies in about the

same position

just amazing green duh this hole is so

huge they've got to get out of here they

somehow got to escape with a bogey

zinger you know we talked about it with

wolf's second shot in the 18 yesterday

so much of playing this golf course

effectively is taking care of the false

fronts with your approach shot

and rory just did not get that done with

his second here on one

boy what a disastrous start for two guys

that a lot of people

speculated on couldn't think of a worse

way to start i mean

ball is uh the rough's not very high

over here it just

might nestle down somewhere and no one

can seem to locate it right now

well that's the ninth hole right there

bubba and his county ted scott are


pitching in to try to help harris

english find this golf ball

and uh we've got to be getting close to

that three-minute

marker now so there shouldn't be any

moment when the tour official calls it

a little bulldog vlog there too a little

bulldog love they're good for bubba

taharis no doubt about it

well this is

still have 30 seconds you could hear

someone say that so it's a horrible


you got this many people can't find that

golf ball what