Top five favorites for the 2020 U.S. Open | Golf Channel | Morning Drive

it's time to see who you guys are

considering the favorite

this week robert dameron your first on

the t did tiger make your top five

tiger did not make my top five oddly


you know wink foot is just not tiger's

happy place

never really done much around there it's

such a tough golf course

these are my five favorites though

number five i went with webb simpson u.s


champion in the past but u.s open style

players xander shopley number four

he's only played three us opens he's got

a fifth sixth

and a third column morikawa you know how

do you win a u.s open

control damon control this guy can

control his golf ball dust is the

hottest player in the world right now

but i'm taking the kentucky thoroughbred

i just i

without brooks in the field i think he's

just a mentally

toughest guy out there and it's going to

take some

unbelievable toughness around this golf

course when the rough is about eight

nine feet

deep does he drive it straight enough

that's my question about justin thomas


outside of his win in the pga

championship in 2017

doesn't have a great record at major

just three top tens

in 18 starts so when you look at my list

you're not going to see

justin thomas though i think he's a nice

young man just not

liking him this week at wingfoot but i

do agree with you about xander schofley

i mean he seems built

for majors at least for contending in

majors trying to take

that next step khan markawa as adaptable


any young player to a golf course to a

situation that we've seen since a young

jordan speech rory mcilroy a past u.s

open champ

potential baby bounce playing for more

than himself

dustin johnson needs no explanation

champion at oakmont uh you know wingfoot

and oakmont very different golf courses

but they kind of take turns as the

toughest test in american golf

and finally john rob john rum is just a

little bit better of a driver of a golf

ball right now

than dustin johnson strokes getting off

the tee he's ahead

driving accuracy he's ahead of dustin

johnson which is why

john rahm in my opinion finished tied

for third last year

uh at pebble by the way that's my number

one pick for the uso

i think that's a great pick but i'm also

fascinated about the fact that you've

got rory mcilroy in there at number

three yeah but darren you haven't got

roy macro featuring on your top five at

all nor do you don't rory

is currently struggling to finish inside

the top 30 i know he obviously did at

the tour championship but

what is making you have so much belief

in him coming into this tournament

baby bounce uh rory mcilroy listen

we love him for his honor i know this is

this is hot stuff anna's throwing her

pen around because we're all excited

rory mcilroy has said himself sometimes

he just has these moments where he's not

feeling it he said when he came back

from the break i was kind of dipping my

toe back in the water again

this we've seen players play for


tiger wanting to play great golf because

his kids would know now what he does for

a living

i think rory mcilroy with the euphoria

of being a new father and we saw him

play much better the tour championship

that he played

in his entire second half of the 2020


i think he's going to surprise some

people i think rory mcilroy we already

know the gifts are there

he's one of the best drivers in the

history of the game but now i believe he


some outside inspiration beyond just

playing great for himself we'd all love

to see it robert but his inspiration and

the potential baby bounce enough to take

on the teeth of wingfire work with me

not without uh you know a lot of


going in and he just hasn't been showing

the momentum of course

he uh was playing a little better

but that was at tour championship but he

just didn't have a mind in it he was

going out and playing it like a practice

round because he just had that new baby

i think you're going to have to be on

absolute full focus at wingfoot or you

can have doubles triples

back to back to back and also even


rory has won this championship europeans

and the u.s

open don't don't really get along that

well grandma

yeah but you had john rahm is one and

rory is three

okay okay yeah who are those guys right

now oh

what do they know they're happily

american as much time as they spend over

here in the u.s

good point okay it's a bit of debate so

far so let me see if i can iron out some

of the creases with my

top five favorites i've got justin

thomas robert dameron your man down

there at number five as

damon said through only three top tens

in mages which just surprised me hasn't

been on the

kind of form that we've seen from him in

recent weeks john ram

number four he could easily be my number

one he contends absolutely everywhere he

has matured and blossomed into the man

who we've all been expecting him to do

over the last few months colin murakawa

he is a fairway machine the man just

doesn't make any mistakes he doesn't


greens and that's exactly what you're

going to have to be doing this week then

i'm moving on to dustin johnson

the swag that this man carries around

golf courses right now

sign me up for a bit of dj and then i've

got the x-man

number one his us open record robert you

mentioned it

three starts t5 t6 t3 there is something

about xander that just comes to life at

this course he had a brilliant week at

the tour championship

shot the low 72 hold total even though

he didn't walk away

but the title i think it's time he

finished third in strokes gained total

last season 10th in greens in

regulation it is all pointing in a good

way for xander but no dj

none of us picked dj first i'll ask you

why no dj

first for you considering that great

swag as you mentioned the great form he

carries into the national championship

to be honest there's no real particular


okay could easily be my number one and

we're splitting hairs between these top


uh but you know how long can the streak

run for

you know second first second first

they're his last four

finishes can he go another win can he

keep the streak going

again robert i'm not sure well there's

the chance also that the week off kind

of damages the momentum as opposed to

uh keeps it going we don't know dustin

johnson's always a great us open player

that's why i've got him at two

but frankly the player i i put justin

thomas at one but i debated honestly

putting webb simpson at one and i'm

appalled that you two

have totally forgotten him this guy is a

style of player that should suit


better than anyone honestly and we know


been playing fantastic golf really all

season he hasn't had any

lulls in his game he's sharp and he's

mentally tough

when he gets into contention at these

type of tournaments so

you know i might just flip my upside

down right now

webb at number one and you guys have

just totally ignored it nothing wrong

with that web's probably my number six

on a list of five but for dj for me it's

one thing to be

the best player in the world which he is

right now but it's another thing

uh to actually have everyone think

you're gonna win you know we were robbed

of that storyline three years ago

at augusta national because everyone he

was basically giving

dustin johnson the green jacket before

he got hurt so

tiger carried that mantle of everyone

expecting you to win and you go out and

do it

with a bomb i want to see dustin johnson

who everyone expects you know he's

the he's the hit the betting favorite at

this point now go do it

that's all that's why i have them at

number two it's one thing to be favored

it's another thing to be

favored and then go out and win that

major chance it bother you two at all

that dustin johnson has no record it

hasn't even played

uh wink foot until this week it's

it is a course that you kind of do need

to see now if he goes out and plays

great the way he did it boston

forget it no one's going to touch him

but i doubt that's going to happen and

this is a course that

is so brutally hard that you almost have

to have a fantastic

awesome strategy and and i'm not sure

that having never played it

he's gonna be quite prepared for how

difficult it is it's gonna be incredibly

difficult and justin thomas who played a

practice round there last

month alongside tiger woods who he did

slip in that he beat

of course the major champ um but

he wouldn't be surprised he said if the

winning score ultimately is six over par

now that is high that is going to take

a real test of patience and whether you

can keep your mentality strong enough

because it's not going to be easy out

there and when you think of

mental strength and the kind of player

who has what it takes to do that who

comes to mind

i tell you what in a strange way it is

dustin johnson in that he has shown that

he can bounce back from

calamity whether it's calamity within a

season or calamity within a round or not

knowing whether he has a penalty called

on him or not as he did

of four years ago at the united states


it's going to be fascinating to see what

types of strategies

these players adopt the sight lines that

they're trying to take

how aggressive they're going to try to

be seven over wins in 1974 when hale

irwin gets it done five over wins

uh when jeff ogilvy gets it done in

2006. i think that justin thomas is

right i think parr

is going to be your partner as they say

when the high handicappers play

if you make the occasional bogey you're

not going to be losing much ground for

this week at wingfoot