Pro-Trump mob storms U.S. Capitol


unnerving and remarkable scenes of

chaos on the doorstep of the home of

american democracy

angry supporters of the president

advancing on the capitol



tensions escalating quickly security had

closed off this area of the capitol but

after those protesters pushed their way

through a gate they made their way up

here to the steps

and even climbed some of the bleachers

set up for inauguration

prompting a heavy response from police

officers tried to push back firing

pepper bullets into the agitated crowd

trump supporters only grew bolder and

police lost



they forced their way into the building

outnumbering the officers inside

they seized this sacred space leading to

unimaginable scenes

and violence

one woman was shot and killed and

several police officers were hurt

it took the president more than two

hours to tweet his first call for call

considered a slow response since these

people listen to him

and genuinely believe his false claims

the election was stolen

we want trump we want trump i'm

distressed we shouldn't be here at this

having this kind of discussion in this


a claim he knows infuriates his base a

claim he repeated

at a rally this morning we will never

give up we will never concede

this will be remembered as a brutal day

for american democracy

making the transition of power all the

more difficult for the incoming


so katie that was today can you give us

a sense of what it's like where you are

tonight it's quite late

things have calmed down quite

significantly adrian let's show you

there's just a few members of the

national guard that we can see

standing between us and capitol hill

which is actually somewhat surprising

given the violence and given what


here on these these grounds today

one other thing i should mention the

mayor of washington d.c just held a news


and she announced there'll be an

emergency order here in the city

until january 21st the day after

inauguration given what happened with

this protest and given

the scene that unfolded they don't want

a repeat of that so essentially this

order will give them more access to

resources for policing

all right katie simpson in washington


now all that happened while something

very important to the democratic process

was going on inside the capitol building

the electoral college votes from the

presidential election were being


sealed certificates from each state are

kept in these ceremonial boxes

when people fled the senate floor quick

thinking staff

grabbed them and kept them safe now

let's head next to susan normist and


an extraordinary day for americans no

matter where they were but a scary one

for those who were

inside that building when it was stormed

yeah andrew many americans are reeling

tonight watching those images saying

they can't believe

this is their country but the seeds for

this were sown

over a month ago by a president who

won't give up

a stunning image defending the inner

sanctum of the u.s capitol with guns

drawn intruders at the window lawmakers

ducking for safety

just after two o'clock their chamber

surrounded by an angry mob

we're being instructed to each of us get

gas masks that are under our seats the

most brazen of those protesters

savoring the moments in the chair on the

house floor

inside nancy pelosi's office

one leaving a note we will not back down

this day was meant to formally certify

election results a routine protocol

with majority leader mitch mcconnell

urging lawmakers to move ahead

the voters the courts

and the states have all spoken

they've all spoken

if we overrule them it would damage our


forever instead the certification vote

was aborted by violence

and protest in the name of trump and

under his urging that the election

was stolen biden stopped just shy of


trump incited it it's chaos

it borders on sedition and it must

end now he called on trump to step up

which he did with admiration for the


we love you you're very special you've

seen what happens

you see the way others are treated that


so bad and so evil i know how you feel

but go home and go home at peace

but damage done d.c

is under curfew police are bracing for


riots overnight today's events did not

happen spontaneously

the president who promoted conspiracy

theories that motivated these thugs

the president who exhorted them to come

to our nation's capital

egg them on legislators did go back to

work tonight to try to finish what they


to officially make joe biden president

among the many questions tonight is why

those protesters were able to

overrun police on capitol hill why the

security wasn't more robust

and how this actually all happened it's

not as if the march was a surprise nor

its motivation

unclear and the resistance that we see


in washington is not going to fade away

i mean

many will be unphased thinking that this

is just

desserts for the stolen election

that president trump keeps promoting

it's only two weeks till the


the capital here in d.c will be very

tense in fact tonight the fbi discovered

and dismantled two

homemade explosives placed near both

the democratic and republican national


so susan what have we heard from you

know more recently from the president

well not that recently at all his last

tweet was about

six o'clock saying that the supporters

need to remember

this day forever he called the election

fraudulent again and then

twitter blocked him out of his own

account for the next

10 12 hours and instagram for 24

hours and warned that the suspension may


more permanent susan ormiston thank you

very much