How to find an IP / URL address' location [Simple]

hello and welcome back to another

tutorial today we'll be demonstrating

how to find a location based on an IP

address or a URL and we're gonna do

first is go to run now if you don't have

it on your desktop or accessible just go

to your little windows search index and

search it from there but right now we're

gonna stick with this what you're going

to want to do is type in CMD CMD and

press ENTER and it'll bring up this

little window and what you're gonna want

to do is type in track kurt and then now

an IP address is something like this

which you might see in like minecraft or

something something like that but we're

gonna stick with a URL right now cuz

that's the most simple and I knew URLs

like this which is basically just a web

page so that's gonna be our example and

you're just gonna click enter now it's

going to bring up a lot of mumbo-jumbo

and it's going to go about 30 lines or

30 hops and I'll just cut over to when

the last line is up all right so the

last line is up and what mostly matters

is this IP right here now you're gonna

want to open up your web browser once

you get to your web browser you're going

to want to type what is my IP address

into the URL and click enter and it's

going to be this website and it's going

to have your IP address and all your

information which I'm going to cover up

and what you want to do is come up to

this this little search engine in the

top right and you're going to want to

put in the last the last lines IP

address which was seven two point

one two five point two two five point

seven eight which was the last line of

our CMD command thing and you should

want to search it and the website is

going to find it and it's going to give

all this information and it is going to

pull up actually where the location of

the server is coming from so basically

what you're looking at right now is

where YouTube is and it might seem scary

to the beginner because everyone is

watching you but that's not really the

case might be but not really so that was

a really cool tutorial or at least I

think it was cool and it might be useful

if you're looking for friends or you are

a stalker and you're very scary but

anyways this has been my ninja

productions a tutorial on how to find a

location based on an IP address I will

see you guys later