Virtual Tour of the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota)

Hi welcome to the University of St. Thomas we're sorry you couldn't make it

today my name is Cameron and I'm an

entrepreneurship major and I'm Kristina and I'm a business communication major

behind me today is the admissions office this is an office where you're able to

come answer any of the questions you may have regarding applying to St. Thomas

all of you has your own personalized admissions counselor in this office

based on what high school that you are currently attending so definitely build

that relationship with them email them call them and have them answer your

questions come meet with them in person and they're able to advocate for you

while you're applying to St. Thomas we are now in front of the arches which is

one of our largest icons here at st. Thomas a fun tradition that we have but

the arches is called march to the arches so at the beginning of your first year

your entire class would line out here on Summit Avenue and President Sullivan

would give a speech welcome everyone to the University and then you enter

through the arches as a class at the end of your senior year when your time here

at St. Thomas's come to an end your class lines up on the inside of the

arches and then processes out symbolizing at your time here as a

community has come to an end we do have a pretty unique size and location here

at St. Thomas so we have about six thousand one hundred undergraduate

students meaning we are the largest private college in Minnesota

if you walk from one side of campus to the other it's about a 15 minute walk so

not too bad here at St. Thomas we also have a really unique location so we are

located in a residential area of St. Paul but we also have easy access to our

downtown Minneapolis location we have a downtown Minneapolis location which

houses our graduate programs here at St. Thomas but also some undergraduate

classes as well as well as our undergraduate education programs so I

took some classes down there as a business student and was just able to

really explore downtown but you also are able to take a shuttle which we provide

here at St. Thomas it runs every 20 minutes it's a big purple bus so you

can't miss it you can take the shuttle downtown if you have a class down there

or you just like to go to a sporting event or out to dinner things like that

so we have really easy access to our downtown Minneapolis campus and the city

itself we're now in the atrium of the Anderson

Student Center which is the hub of student life here on campus here in the

Student Center there's five different dining options for students to take

advantage of to have a variety of different foods to eat while they're

here on campus as well as they can come here to the Tommie shop to buy student

apparel or just kind of hang out relax and have fun with other students

we're in our largest standing Center at St. Thomas which is called the view so

the view has seven different stations for dining examples a salad bar a grill

taste of Italy so like pizza and pasta a sandwich bar and many more we call it

the view because of our beautiful view of campus our football field and the

upper quad but the view is great especially as an underclassmen you are

able to come to the view as many times as you like your first year here with

your unlimited meal plan so it's a really just flexible way to come each

and they have long hours every day which is also a really nice perk so in the

Student Center we right now are in Father Dorsey Way Father Dorsey was

the first African-American to attend st. Thomas and the second African-American

priests in the United States in the Roman Catholic Church so all of the

offices and departments in this hallway are related to him and his life's

mission the office directly behind me is the Center for Campus Ministry so here

is an office designed to meet the needs of all of our students and faculty for

all of their spiritual needs so we have peer ministers who are students who live

in the residence halls with our first-year students to help them through

their first year transition we also have a variety of clergy here in the office

to meet the needs of several different faith backgrounds and they also plan

retreats um in different mission trips throughout the year for students to stay

involved right now we are in front of the Student Diversity and Inclusion

Services office as well as our newly renovated Intercultural Center so here

this is basically a great place to come to just really dive into the diversity

aspect of our University here this office does a great job of implementing

plenty of events where students can get involved in to learn more about each

other some of those events include one such as movies that matter where you are

able to watch a movie and then discuss it afterwards other

events are like weekly such as purple couch where you can come sit on the

purple couch here in this office and just stay up to date with your fellow

Tommies about different social issues and things going on within our community

the diversity and Activities Board does a great job of putting on these events

especially with also the renovation of the Intercultural Center we've been able

to really connect with our students on a higher level just learning about our

different cultural backgrounds and things like that and now we are in the

O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library which is our largest library here at St. Thomas so

if you're looking for resources for a research project you can work with one

of our librarians to find anything in this or one of our other libraries that

are available here at St. Thomas we also have several computer labs as well as

different group and individual study spaces to suit your needs so now we can

head downstairs to look at some of the other resources that we have in this

building we are in the lower level of our O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library this place

is called STELAR here in stellar we have a lot of different resources here

for our students and faculty at St. Thomas there's a lot of different

meeting rooms as well as new technologies here at STELAR it's really

important for St. Thomas that we are implementing new technologies into the

classroom so that's why this place is very welcoming to faculty as well along

with students here at STELAR I've been here with group work we can either go to

a meeting room or work with the screens behind me it's just a efficient way to

work with your peers so it's a really great addition here at St. Thomas in the

library right now we are in the Andersen Athletic and Recreation Complex commonly

known as the AARC right now we are in the second floor which on this side of the

building we have our Fieldhouse so we have an indoor track as well as practice

courts for basketball volleyball and tennis and then on the other side of the

building we have Schoenecker Arena which is home to our men's and women's basketball

as well as women's volleyball and then coming up here on your right we will

have the Aquatic Center which is used by our swim and dive team all of our

athletic facilities are open to all students here at St. Thomas regardless

of whether or not you're a varsity athlete also if you would like to attend

any of our athletic events all you need to do is bring your student ID to get in

and so you don't have to buy any tickets right now we are down here on the first

floor of the Student Center which has our weight room and cardio room so our

cardio room has about 80 pieces of equipment and our weight room has

another 65 pieces of equipment this facility is open 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. so

it's available a wide window throughout the day for students to workout

currently you're in Dowling Hall which is one of our first-year residence halls

so the room that we're in is a fairly typical first-year room and so the beds

come lofted you also have a desk and a dresser inside each building there's

kitchens available as well as laundry facilities so you're able to meet all of

those needs as well in the rooms you can bring a futon fridge microwave

coffeemaker whatever meets the needs of you and your

roommate you also have several options of Living Learning Communities and pain

based Living Learning Communities you can look up on the Residence Life

website to learn more so here we are at the campus bookstore here you were able

to purchase any books that you need for the beginning of the semester for your

classes you're also able to purchase any fun St. Thomas apparel like this

sweatshirt and also just other supplies school supplies pens pencils and then

also our mail room is down here so any mail that is delivered to you you will

go receive it at the campus store and then here we have the office of

financial aid 97% of our students here at St. Thomas receive some form of

financial aid whether that be need or merit-based aid in their St. Thomas

Scholarship we are in the Center for Student Achievement where students can

come to study or receive a variety of different academic resources first is

Academic Counseling where students can go to meet with an advisor to plan out

what classes they're going to take and build a 4-year plan to help them

to graduation we also have the Career Development Center where students can go

to get help on resumes cover letters do a mock interview and receive feedback on

that or even be interviewed by an employer for a job or internship in the

summer or after graduation we also have the undergraduate research opportunities

program our students can find different research programs to join or to start

their own research as paid positions here we are at the University

registrar's office so this is a place where you'll need to go if you ever need

a copy of your transcript or transferring any credits and here to St.

Thomas this is the place for you we are now in the largest auditorium that we

have here at St. Thomas which is in the John Roach Center and seats about 200

students the max class size you'll ever have in this room is about 80 with an

average class size of 21 the majors that are housed within the John Roach Center

are all of our liberal arts programs so programs such asTheology Philosophy

English History Political Science and Psychology we like to show this room on

campus to emphasize the relationships that we get here at St. Thomas with our

professors and our classmates like Cameron said the average class size is

21 so you're really able to connect with your professors and just have them by

your side whether that's you know research opportunities or just getting

that more personalized experience that's one of the reasons why I chose St.

Thomas also in this building we like to point out that we do have a Writing

Center and this Writing Center is really great for just helping you anywhere from

starting an essay to editing or finishing touches here for a class at

St. Thomas or even an outside I'd say like a scholarship essay things like

that we're now in front of Sitzmann Hall which is our Center fo r Catholic Studies

St. Thomas has the oldest and largest Catholic Studies program in the nation

offering both a major and a minor we also have our Bernardi Campus in Rome

which our Catholic Studies program goes to every year for a semester where

students are able to immerse themselves in the culture that they're learning

about this building here is the O'Shaughnessy Education Center which

houses all of our communications and journalism programs as well as all of

our foreign language departments economics and Tommie Media Tommie Media is

our campus news outlet so they publish stories about St. Thomas and just things

are on St. Paul in Minneapolis that are to our students here right now we are in

the Frey Science and Engineering Center which is made up of Owens Science Hall

and O'Shaughnessy Science Hall these two buildings house all of our Math

Engineering and Science programs all of their lab space as well as the Math

Resource Center thank you so much for joining us on campus for a tour today

we're sorry you couldn't make it I really hope you enjoy it and we hope to

see you soon