University of Miami - Official College Campus Video Tour


hey I'm Chloe for university the place

where college is seen Chloe University

is the college scene fair enough as well

so this says welcome to Miami we're here

catching some rays before we catch a

tour of the U the University of Miami

it's in the city of Coral Gables

you know downtown Miami 20 minutes away

beaches everywhere and the beautiful

Coconut Grove right here it's a really

unique type of college experience being

down here in Miami you have like the

culture and everything and you have

South Beach downtown Miami there's so

much to do here so it's just a great fit

for me um is main campus is on 260 acres

of blossoming and colorful tropical

landscape many native plants trees and

Arboretum's fill the property keeping

the cultural look of South Florida um

students come from all 50 states and 148

countries 45% of the student body is

male and 55 percent are female

the best part is 75 percent of classes

only have 25 students or less we're

looking for students that have done

exceptionally well in high school those

students that have been heavily

integrated in honors and AP courses on

the SAT 1242 a 13/16 the a CT score can

range anywhere from a 28 to a thirty to

about two out of three of the average

incoming freshmen we're in the top 10%

of their high school class with a GPA of

about 4.2 so I found this it's really

really cute except I think in Miami it

gets a little warm maybe for class that

will be good I think I have something


now this is more like it it's all about

the you all students will pay about

33,000 in tuition and fees for one year

and if you live on campus you'll pay an

additional ten thousand for room and

board um you can get involved in a

hundred and eighty undergraduate

programs from broadcast journalism to

international administration as well as

interdisciplinary programs dual degrees

and honors programs at the University of

Miami the most popular programs are

architecture marine sciences business

music and let's not forget the cause of

Arts and Sciences if a student is

interested in marine biology at the

University of Miami is definitely the

place to come we are a tropical marine

lab and the reef is right at our

doorstep so we have the capability of

actually studying animals and studying

circumstances right in their native

habitat very very easily we go out in a

boat and 20 minutes later we're studying

the organisms that we want to study I am

a business management major so it's a

pretty broad I've had classes and

marketing I've had classes and

accounting and Finance starting to take

some of the business classes I really

grew a love and affection for the world

of business the FRA School of Music is

where we meet we're starting something

called the experiential music curriculum

it is a revolution it just drops a bomb

on what a music curriculum is and it's

going to train musicians to be much more

in time we have a new degree the boost

horns be creative American musically

it's a songwriting degree and there will

be very well-known famous rock stars and

songwriters coming down and working with

the students thinking of medical school

check out this the teaching hospital at

Miller School of Medicine is one of the

top 20 in the nation the University of

Miami has more than 2,300 full-time

professors 97% of which hold doctorates

or the highest degree in their field

with such a great staff of teachers

students are lucky that they have such a

low student to faculty ratio of 13 to 1

giving them great opportunity for close

interaction within the class

all the professors here are willing to

help we're going to give you extra help

if you need it and I feel like I'm

getting the most out of my education on

average we have more internships and

students here so there's no problem with

finding any of that kind of thing and

the advisors are really well informed if

you have to meet with them before sign

up for classes so it's really great to

always keep you on track and keep you

focus the Hurricanes compete at the

n-c-double-a division 1 level in the ACC

the Kings are most known for their

football program which is the country's

most successful program in the last

three decades there's just so many

people it's always packed in the Orange

Bowl especially for the FSU games and

it's just I don't really like amazing

experience to be there



approximately 83% of students set their

cribs upright on campus with five

residential colleges an apartment area

and the university villages we have

sports fest which is where all the dorms

get together in RN teams with their

building and just play all these crazy

sports with football pool ping-pong and

dodgeball and everything and it everyone

at the whole university works together

and it's like this whole big competition

and it really brings everyone together

Miami offers more than 200 student

organizations 31 fraternities and

sororities 40-plus service groups and

multicultural student groups they also

have three performance centers and a

cinema on campus as well as an art

museum and exhibition gallery so I

joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon which is a

IFC fraternity here it's a social

fraternity so it's a good experience for

me because I got to meet a lot of cool

guys and they've really become you know

my friends that I'm probably gonna keep

up with for the rest of my life you

haven't seen a lot of big names come and

go through its doors they've also hosted

lots of presidential debates that's

right and films and commercials have

been shot on the campus so this is alone

and mu K glacis graduated from that's

right so did Jerry Herman Gloria step on

the rock half of the NFL it's true

who are schools that are blow you away

in the sports department educational

options and unbeatable climate look at

the University of Miami thanks for

hanging with us at University of Miami

I'm Chloe - Lana and I'm LaVon Harvey

we'll see you next time