My Experience at UH Manoa + Useful College Advice! | Michelle Kanemitsu

hello my sweet potatoes it is Michelle

and today I'm going to be talking about

my experience at Jewish Manila I

graduated with my bachelor's of business

administration and marketing and a minor

in Japanese language so I just wanted to

talk about my experience because I have

gotten a few questions about Jewish

manola and also shine learn and really

the experiences that you have in college

are what you make of it everyone's

experience in college is different so

this is all just from my own perspective

in my own experience but I just want to

share that with you guys and hopefully

help somebody guys out a little

background about me is that I was born

and raised here in Hawaii and I've never

left here so I literally lived here my

entire life I did go to u H Manila for

my entire four years decided to stay at

home because I can live with my parents

and go to school so it was just the most

convenient for me so the first thing

that I think of when I think of my

experience I you H was choosing my

classes I remember it was extremely

stressful in freshman year because

literally no one told me how to do it it

was all online and it wasn't like high

school for high school at least for me

our schedule was pretty much made for us

but everything in college is on your own

there were just so many classes and I

didn't know what filled what requirement

it also really helped to ask around

maybe you have some of their friends who

are older than you and have gone through

that process maybe you can ask them for

some help word of mouth is so helpful

with this kind of thing or check write

my professors combat websites will save

your butt to avoid any bad professors

because trust me the professor makes a

huge difference

like if the professor sucks you're not

going to like the class at least that's

how it was for me but one thing that you

H really looks at is like their

financial aid like they take a really

long time to process things so you want

to make sure that you are doing things

ahead of time it's really important so

just make sure again like plan

accordingly like plans on failing to

plan is

to fail it's also recommended to take at

least 15 credits a semester so that's

like five classes a semester you only

need to take 12 credits to be considered

a full-time student but 15 is the like

magic number I guess try to make sure

that you are a hand with your credits

the more credits that you have the

sooner you'll be able to register and

the sooner you'll be able to get that

class with a good professor because you

know that classes with good professors

will fill up first I usually took more

than 15 credits a semester but that's

also because I was minoring but I mean

you don't have to graduate in four years

either look you can take as long as you

want it's just like the norm I guess to

graduate within four years or if you

want to graduate early then make sure

that you're thinking about that as well

like if you're in high school right now

and you don't want to take four years to

graduate close it I think it was calling

Running Start in high school where you

can get college credit for classes even

though you're still in high school so

that's what my boyfriend did and he was

able to graduate one semester early so

he graduated in three and a half years

so really small series about like

planning ahead and make sure that you

are on track with your plan classes are

also very easy in the beginning years

like freshmen and sophomore year because

they're mostly just like huge lectures

so maybe like a hundred two hundred

people per class so it's really simple

obviously once you get closer to

graduation like your junior senior year

you're going to have a lot more focused

classes with very few students being

like 20 at most for you to get more of a

one-on-one connection with the professor

and also with your classmates to really

fine-tune your knowledge and your skill

sets it's really easy to not really

focus or try hard on classes in the

beginning of your college career I

didn't really care in my freshman and

sophomore years I ended up getting not

as good grades as I would have hoped so

that's why from the very beginning make

sure that you stay motivated

because it will bite you in the butt in

the end if you don't I did dorm as well

I don't for my freshman and sophomore

year I just wanted to try it out I was

in Hull a mochi Hana yeah I was at

Hawley mochi Hana for my freshman year

and then my sophomore year I was in

freer Hall I honestly hated the freshman

tolerance because there was only a

community bathroom so there was like

four bathrooms shared with the entire

floor and oh my god some girls are just

so disgusting like I don't understand it

career was awesome there was a sea there

was a game room we had our own bathroom

plus in my second semester living in

freer my roommate actually moved out so

I had our entire room to myself so of

course I pushed my bed and her bed

together to make one big huge bed oh my

god I wish I had that bed so I had sort

of roommates but they lived in their

room and I was in one room all by myself

like it was so good

dorming and being that close to campus

and being in such a central area was so

much fun because a lot of my friends

lived around there no parents to like

nag on you for things it was so much fun

but also expensive so you know make sure

that you plan accordingly in that aspect

I had random roommate it ended up being

fine because all my roommates were great

moving in and moving out was the most

stressful thing though like I have lived

in the same house my entire life start

never really experienced moving outs or

moving in before but with dorming you

kind of get a little bit of that pace

and it is seriously like it was one of

the most stressful times in college like

besides finals weeks if you've moved

around before then you're probably fine

but I had never before and I didn't

really know what was going on especially

in freshman year I was like what if what

do I do

there were a lot of like parties as well

but I never really went to them and I

did like once or twice but it just

wasn't really my scene but there are for

sure parties going on every single

weekend somewhere at the dorm I'll be in

my room alone watching youtube videos in

my PJs yep okay so the Sun is like going

down so I need to like hurry this up so

next thing that I want to talk about is

like didn't like the main things that

I'm going to be talking about is like

joining clubs and like getting involved

and stuff like that so one thing that

really made my college experience what

it was was like joining clubs and like

student organizations and things so for

me I joined marching band so I was in

marching band my freshman and sophomore

years but those two years that I was in

marching band I was able to make some of

the best friends and I still keep in

touch with them till this day so it's

really good because you will definitely

make these like long lasting friendships

in college joining these clubs and

organizations is how you will be able to

meet some of these people for my junior

and senior year I joined I Bo or the

international business organization

another club that was in Tyler's old but

yeah I joined these two organizations

those are really the only two that I

focus on I know some people join way

more than that

but it's been up to you to manage your

time maybe you have a boyfriend maybe

you need some time with your family

or like to do homework and study and

stuff so time management is another

thing but seriously like I would

definitely definitely recommend getting

involved in some kind of club maybe even

like a fraternity or something I assure

you that there is some place that you

will fit in I also wanted to talk about

food like hello your girl gotta eat

there are actually a lot of food places

on campus there is Campus Center

they have like subway it's our book

Jamba Juice

they all sound falling which is like

Vietnamese food being also a paradise

pong where you can get like pres Express

Domino's Pizza L&L from Indian food

there are also a bunch of food trucks

all over campus there's also just like

stinks truck I think it's like blue

truck teppanyaki or something right

across the street they've also been on

which is so delicious they have like

banana soft-serve type of thing so many

food options around

and you won't go hungry please trust me

there's also a shuttle system nuh which

was my life when I was dorming

especially when I lived in Holland a

mochi Hana because it was just so far

away so I would just pick the shuttle

and the shuttle is free anyone can ride

the shuttle even if you're not a student

you don't need to show any idea anything

pleasant AC I mean it's pretty fast as

well yet the Manoa shuttle app also just

like living in Hawaii you are really

close to like the beach into a bunch of

different hikes and you can easily take

the bus to all these places with your ID

you can get like a little sticker for

the bus and it's included in your

student tuition go to the beach between

classes you can go on a hike I would

recommend getting a part-time job if you

can there are a lot of opportunities for

part-time jobs on campus and it pays

pretty well and it's good because they

are usually really understanding and

flexible with your class schedule ya get

a part-time job on campus it's really

convenient and you get some extra money

it's also just really good to get an

internship get some hands-on experience

in the field that you are interested in

so highly highly recommend doing that

talk to someone about how you can find

internships in your field of interest

because I assure you that it can only

help you in the long run and who knows

your internship might turn into an

actual job and that would be amazing

so my Tamra decided to just like stop

recording I think I was talking about

Scheidler but shizer is the School of

Business or the College of Business and

that is the school that I was in but

overall I think I had a really good

experience with Shidler I had a lot of

really good professors probably because

I did a lot of research beforehand

before registering for my classes

because I went on rate my professors

calm and I also talked to a lot of

people for the most part professors were

really helpful as well and they actually

care about you they honestly try to help

you and also in Schuyler there is a lot

of group work a lot of presentations and

a lot of group projects also a lot of

projects where you have to present

something and practice your public

speaking skills the classes are much

smaller so they are more interactive

it's also very encouraged to join a club

at Schuyler there's a club for

I think every major so most of the times

people will just join the club that is

meant for their major but that's not

always the case like most of the clubs

we are open to any major Schuyler was

also really big on pushing students to

get internships there are a lot of

career fairs that they hold there's lots

of good resources as well something else

that is really big at Schuyler is

studying abroad so I know a lot of

students who have studied abroad for a

semester or like a year even if you're

not in Schuyler if you have an

opportunity to study abroad I would say

like to do it because I've never done it

I wish I did but I didn't so that is one

thing that I regret don't be like me

don't regret something like that because

I don't know where I'll get a chance to

study abroad again though if you have

the opportunity I would say like and do

it do it just do it

alright guys so I've done a lot of

talking and the Sun is going down and I

think that is all that I wanted to talk

about in this video I hope it helped you

in some way so overall I think my

experience is was a really good one let

me know if you have any other questions

you can leave them in the comments below

or you can DM me or if you want to keep

yourself anonymous you can ask a

question on my tumblr all my links will

be in the description box but yeah thank

you guys so much for watching stay

confident and I will see you in my next

video bye