*NEW* Kingsmen Umbrella In Fortnite! (MASSIVE Update)

that's not what I meant to do see what


let's go I'm literally the best kid

alright everybody welcome back to update

nights today we have some umbrellas and

we have some crash pads it's weird we

got two new items which is kind of

unreal these days you don't really see a

lot getting added so big update day and

a lot of mean potential with these items

so hopefully we can do some of that in

today's video and look at that first

chest get ourselves three crash pads now

you actually do like shadow bones as you

see I jump see how that popped up a half

a second now that space to deploy you

can like throw these down faster than

the velocity of a player normally in the

past say if you were trying to throw a

porta four you have to throw a bus

because it would like let's shout it

wouldn't throw it faster than a player

you can actually throw these like a

shadow bomb kind of in a way or it will

always like kind of negate your full

damage to full damage is kind of vault's

it if you have one of these you're not

gonna take full damage and if you have

an umbrella you're also not gonna take

full damage but those things are

legendary hopefully we'll get one of

those soon but I'm gonna try and eat

over here so if I do this and I do this

it's gonna eat me your bow but it's the

max velocity okay and now I just

accidentally threw one so the space by

thing is not that good I'll be honest it

allows you to like accidentally do stuff

and deploy and that does it a lot

further just normally jumping off

nothing and as you can see someone over

here has done the same a goodbye alright

he had the brand new heavy sniper rifle

not brand new but he had that heavy

yeah I hate this game ma'am like the

shadow henchmen just I literally I'm

down to one health and the shadow hands

been stole it so yeah a crash pads you

can see quite common they're everywhere

what's not so common though is the

umbrella and I don't really know where

to get it I'm gonna be honest

I wonder if henchmen chests have a

higher spawn rate for it and look like

it I didn't see I didn't even mean to do

that I just press space like I normally

do and it just oh whoa hey you later bot

alright and I actually gave me a little

bit of a hard time there and I didn't

appreciate that at all yeah I feel like

they should probably change the key bind

of order to play because if it's space

you're gonna have so many accidental

order to place I love accuracy it's

what's not a real player I'm pretty sure

yeah I can tell the way it was moving

around is this a real player I think

that one was either never gonna damn

umbrella in this game I want a umbrella

that's one thing I wanted to try as well

as using the bounce pads in combination

with the helicopter because I don't need

to worry about full damage now because I

have one of these alright well I did not

have to worry about it until it deployed

maybe it's me scrolling my scroll will

accidentally cuz I have that for bunny

hops but I play so many games and

accidentally use the crash pad like it's

getting really annoying all right

that was uh totally real players

everywhere yep

all right send me slug truck still does

see it's still there and it renders in

that's still there please as you all

liked over the helicopter out like going

over here

well saw and then there's back shield

max hell

oh geez oh I see a player hey you know

that none of that none of that none of


a little later Bart let's go I'm not


I swear all right well my helicopters

severely damaged now thanks to that guy

I want to get some crash pads and try it

with the helicopter and I want my

umbrella to know I'm scared if I get the

umbrella I don't know what to do because

I'm don't and I and it's not that good I

actually hate this game oh I swear if he

eliminate me I would've been so mad all

right well I got drums but we're at a

crash pad all right then we get a spazzy

I'm with the crash pads though it's like

small it's now become such a problem

might see if I in the vault maybe we've

got some yeah boy oh no crash bad just

that six it is no no that's mine

Clarence snipe him out either well who's

shooting me who shoot me shoot me shoot

me what the freaking ball it's literally

not a real player now now I'm mad like

now I'm now I'm pissed

actually well I've got good mats I tell

you what a little skybridge here you do

a little patty out Oh yep that's a

player he looks like a good one too

because you said a big bill fight

Spanish cannon a bunch of crash pads

everyday they only lost in the ground

for certain amount of time

hey is the plan right gonna build this

big big sky base yep this guy over here

he sees me sees what's about I miss a

shot on him he realizes he's got all the

problems cuz gotcha good oh no oh it

takes a little activation time well now

I know that that's good to know

epic game audion with my brother Josh

Turner his twitch channel link in

description chakra mephala

he's not that good I'm better than him

at the game you never qualified F NCS

what I want to try to get umbrellas and

he'll look up this and then we use the

umbrellas to descent and drop on people

well I got a crash pad hug

now he's gonna win

I have an Elin

dude he's henchmen man I swear to God

they've been buffed hard he's in there

ready huh oh you done to it shut up oh

my god dude Joe's got me

he's pretty you got me get it on okay


Oh doing my whole screen went weird

alright so the way these crash pads were

crap is that they you pray in midair you

press space yeah is you can just jump

out at max high and we can bounce them

kids so let's go up let's try and find a

player we jump out we use their bounce

pads we land and we shoot them try and

find an enemy and we'll just like dive

on them all right that's no we want he's

trying to shoot him down

yeah hit the rotor blade oh I got white

damage there he's dealing is one hit

he's on the ground all right so you

ready these kids are here always crash

Bollywood you see that yeah yeah now

we're gonna do the same money of you

ready and so I just leave and exit yeah

hey guard

oh I didn't want me it does have an

activation yeah let's do it

I don't think I do can I do one of these

ones what's one of these ones wait wait

well we doing bounce pad yeah bounce

bounce guy yeah I got one good six right

hi guys all right I can't get you

started this video I said full damage

was vaulted and yet I've died twice to

it three times to it

yeah I'm not an epic gamer I don't know

why I didn't shoot my pump there Oh

dealers it's two of them what all right

this guy in here get him having

umbrellas lb I'm easy

what's up yeah what I mean lots going on

hey oh wait you should pop up look this

is literally the umbrella from the movie

okay you said oh really right I thought

they were oh dude that's not you oh I'm

an idiot

Oh get him big one do you see that and

it's been our car insane I'm getting

yeah we gotta actually eliminate the

henchmen they're not a jerk oh the

enemies here

all right I got some bounce pads at

least I'm gonna try and eliminate Midas

yeah fry sweater god I just open up the

guys dress and I didn't get

hey I got one guy down got another one

lucky rum it's my name all right

oh I'm dead lightest lightest is down

all right let's get that key he's like

in here whoa what's up I don't even know

what I did

honestly I even know what I did

I like spammed it accidentally went

often you know what it worked out so

that's what matters

get on there but him alright drop oh

wait oh I'm trying to choke them I mean

together no one okay it's actually Joe I

forgot to do the the space cuz otherwise

doesn't go directly underneath me kids

one let's go oh what's that noise it's

gonna Brella my pogs I shot that will I

take full damage find out next time


I already yeah I'm ready ready ready egg

good guy Yee what all right

go on in I just full sense implying I'm

gone it's kind of hard

oh I missed the big one oh I like hit

one once - it's actually really hard to

use it's not that good what is the

umbrella it's like the lightsaber oh no

you don't already got there in the bad

guy guy guy guy all right Shawn down I'm

going down with it Oh yeet

crack them I got the kipper the umbrella

it was the one of Mary Poppins no oh no

I got this okay

Oh how'd I miss that

oh no he fell oh shoot

working with the umbrella is actually a

lot harder than it looks all right

yeah I'm ready already cuz this chap was

gonna go down here we go

well that was fun oh that was fun I got

shut out of the I got shot sky please

yeah oh I see me the window yeah yeah

Sam no one alright somebody just crashed

in the middle there is I'm gonna come up

and get him oh well that didn't work all

that didn't work this is actually nuts


oh my god like how these players in

truth I know what they did the henchmen

but they definitely bought them cuz

that's cooked

I forgot crash pads I'm coming

my game is crash we're gonna add a crash

pad the Earth's funny there are space to

deploy crash pad I'm crashing alright

boys of crash sit right here

oh you spat it geez

crash pads we got crash pads we vibing

now we've got the crash pads but the

shields are the u.s. survives here take

this what the hell okay well mind

malfunction by didn't take any full

damage sir oh I just railed him all gold

spats pogies here we go I could just

drop c4 could just drop into the water

but Yolo that's not fun is it

wait where are they alright it this kid

doesn't even know what he does know is

that my accuracy sucks

Oh yells a cheeky edit I got one don't I

got right all them in zone real quick

really oh well I do cutting their build

I got one what dude I know what he just

did but y'all watch out for this kid

crack - Wyatt the what triple what he's

low you did oh yeah have you sniped

Oh Ben's had the grapple yeah I got

crash pads where is he left right you


yeah I'm Bobby leave Ivan

yeah I'm vibing umbrella yeah you have

the mythix carne on umbrella under my

umbrella ella ella eh eh ah here bandage

digging me come close to me

hey Kate thank you cab and took

advantage recompense you go oh that was

lost second Oh

oh I died cuz I storm but dude sellin

sky basing go when they when they use

the crash pad let's destroy that plan

all because shoot their crash pad maybe

you can shoot that crash pad alright

they just talked about do they Gertie

eliminated them no the random did no

he's carrying him on his back right now

should we hold him in and just eliminate


here take this lunch pad this is

everyone in the game right now this is

the last three players what are we

what's that plan I don't know I'm she

had a bunny help him or something

wait he's gonna Briella pretty go I will

get you with my umbrella

let's go games I an umbrella King I pick

up an umbrella and then I eliminate them

epic games I am back two solos to see if

I can try and do some meme solo I want

to try and get a solo in with the

umbrella but we'll see how we go

obviously it's gonna be smash making OC

update Nightwing it's all sweaty so the

hour yeah

huh but not a boat was just standing

there the recoil on this feels different

so if you guys start Nora

they changed the bass & keyboard input

recoil to the same as console and that

was one of the most noticeable things

that the drum got is the recoil and I

can tell you now it feels good oh it was

reloading - I got easily died there but

I didn't I just miss I forgot I'm

playing Joyce somehow hahahaha yay I

love these things like mini bounce pads

portable pounce pads I love it can I get

in the actual helicopter and like

there's one

whoa that was a little glitchy is to say

the least

surely yeah buddy

what's up what's up how's it goin you

like that you both missed the water I

really want to upgrade my uh this thing

we spinning okay that's toxic all right

okay that was a good one cuz it got me

away from the explosion how'd I miss

that yeah maybe not

that's not even your friend oh dang it

the wrong one well that's definitely the

right one controller couldn't roll up

pay up do I feel like the drum gun is

insane hey I know you're there buddy

think I don't know you that because you

think you're in the bush Oh guess he's

up now buddy oh I miss your kidding I

can't believe actually missed that

I'm actually cracked yeah let's go solo

do I lock it up

Oh double yikes yeah I think I'm gonna

get on out of here

one guy went left right now so he's solo

guys look like not real players I know

why I have trouble such bots

say why I and hit this many shots with

the drum gun of that arranged I'm

telling you now drum gun feels way

better all right it's 1v2 okay what's

going on my frame then all right we're

done here with that just what I get for

leaving Brutus Vinnie gone on the floor

I'm telling you now I know I'm gonna die

like I'm just gonna eat in and it's

gonna be so bad these kids are almost

nearly sniping me

very left

I'm sorry about at this game I'm

literally probably the worst player of

this game I I can't believe my oh my god

they weren't even good

they weren't even good that's the best

part alrighty here we go we're not

taking any else this time boys no walls


I was surprised was getting a second

shot in there there's no way I was

allowed to have that second shot I

should've got my umbrella and I will be


under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh eh

probably getting made in here but yo way


now guys stole my kill dude it's totally

not epic to steal things and we'll take

that and we'll take that still you know

what the best part is there is

definitely in the vault

awesome umbrella say least let's go to

beat yep bounce beds ah looks like we

loose the scar again alright let's get


I'm gonna go upgrade this as well back

to everywhere

okay that nearly gonna be dead and I

should have done that

another Yeats coming right on up hey uh

how was the Bart oh that's the better to

do it further away from them so they

don't actually see you coming well do it

a little further away like here like

that could have been involved huh every

yard destroying trees do BOTS do that I

don't know

whoa what damn man

hey dizzy

all right I'm telling you now I don't

know if it's a bot his way he's moving

his bot movements that I think that I

don't know if that was a bot manage the

ball good at deleting you know no we're

gonna have to get down the classic way I

think no ok whatever we're out of here

oh sorry uh napping some of these kids

then a Mary Poppins well I still took

full damage you're kidding oh I thought

I shot but I didn't he didn't have any

crash pads no one's got crash pads uh-oh

whoa okay

controller all right just a little

scared about that one


what is if they didn't hit him later all

right what do you got for me is it Scott

nope it's the heavy assault rifle you

275 crack I want to save this kid for

loss what's the other one

or can i but no you monster

just for that no no anywhere to do that

only to kill the brilla no I do my own

gorilla hello

hey hey under my umbrella your dog

that's pretty epic