UFC 253: Adesanya vs Costa - Undefeated vs Undefeated

he has taken this sport by storm he


every needle celebrity and otherwise

that you would want him to move

he is 17-0 but tonight he figures to be

facing his stiffest challenge to date

as israel out of sonia takes on robert

the goals i have is names

and i want to be the guy that took out

everyone so when it's all said and done

they'll be like man

oh whitaker nearly out on his feet

adesania trying to close it out

israel he's a goat

he's the greatest of all time i got this

this heavy ass ricky martin want to be

we've been talking so i'm gonna smash

him bro i don't like this guy this is a

guy i want to rearrange his face

trust me when i'm done with him he'll

really look like ricky martin


he's shameful you talk a lot he's


adasanya versus costa is the most


middleweight championship fight of all

time in paulo costa you have the most

terrifying contender and i'm making it

known now i'mma let off a whole round

i'm a pro you have an enormous

man with ferocious powers



paulo costa went at him as if there was


threat look at me just constantly

smothering him

i mean he's just all over you well after

this fight

i want my chance to bloom i am their

champion and the sun is nothing he's

very skinny

he's not born to fight i think he's

going to be dancing

i think it's just something that's been

infused through hollywood that you gotta

be this

jacked rambo to be a

fighter and be a tough guy

it's like nah i don't need power

everyone has power

get the bonus checks ready


he's fought pretty much human punching

bags his whole career

he's never fought a guy who was as

technically sound as i am

he's a he's my i want to

make him my

there's no one like me like no one his

striking iq is often charged

that's it that's the last style bender


a designer is afraid he just run i will

destroy him

trust me i'm going to have fun with him

he's going to swing at me hit fresh air

then hit the floor

i will hit him so badly he will cry

inside the cage

i'll pick him apart i'm going to erase

you bro

i'll see you soon