Throwback - One Day on Heartland, Season 7 Finale

Here they are ladies and gentlemen

let's hear it for our beautiful flag-bearers!

I want them to be cheering along with the television set

I want them to feel the the ups and

downs I want their hearts just to go

crazy when they see that helicopter take


This has been a really dynamic year for

Amy and I feel like there's some

challenges presented that she has never

faced in her life and for me, portraying

Amy, it was the best challenge that

could have ever been thrown at me

[Whispering] I'll be right back. I love you.

Amy! Amy, Hey!

Ty? Ty.... Ty?!

I'm right here Amy. I'm right here, what's going on?

Nurse! Nurse!

When Amy starts doing really well in her life she feels like hey I'm not pulling my

weight I need to step up so he links a

bit of these these past few years from

his childhood to his present and he gets

too caught up in it and he loses sight

of what it's really about the

relationship its kind of his last chance

to actually get some money and and

really come through and what he wants to

provide for Amy.

Let's have a toast.

What's the occasion?

I'm in.

Let's buy charger.

You won't regret this.

Better not.

This is crazy!

I can't believe I'm going to own a Futurity contender

Here's to a big payday.

The last few episodes leading up to

this finale we're putting them through a

couple of rough spots to say the least I

mean Amy's wondering if she can never

trust Ty in the way she always has and

anything like this puts a strain on any

relationship so it's going to be

interesting to see how they deal with that that.

I've been thinking a lot about

Charger and I'd like to take a look at him and

see if there's anything that I can do to help.

I can come by the arena tomorrow morning.

I don't understand Amy, what about your job with Ahmed?

You let me worry about him.

Ok well what about us?

One thing at a time.

My favourite horse to work with? You are going too see him today.

I love Stormy, who plays Spartan.

He's probably my favourite horse, but

I've got a new favourite that I just fell in love with a couple of days ago.

His name is Hi-Fi and we've never

used him on the show before.

But he plays the role of Charger.

Who you are going to see as a barrel horse.

And he is my ultimate favorite so when I'm riding

him I'll come by and say, "This is Charger, this is my

new favourite horse...

We knew we have to have a crowd and we know

we have some pretty loyal fans and it was it was

fantastic, the response within minutes we had

our crowd and we have the people who

were the biggest fan so I think we

discovered at our charity event this summer

how many people were willing to travel

to be be here and to see our stars and to

see our crew at work and I think it's

fabulous for them to see

behind-the-scenes and I think

that for us it's just so great to hear

the cheering I kind of feel it's real.

It was great.

They were some of the best fans we've ever had

on the show really enthusiastic and really

excited and and I got to meet a bunch of

them after they were done and then take

pictures and stuff so that was really

cool that we sort of had a win-win with

that where they were really great and helped

us out and then they also got to see a

part of the show and how we make it and

we sort of got to bring them into our

world and show them a piece of that so it was cool.

It was so exciting having 300 fans fill

the stadium because it's one of those

things that typically we do our job and

there's the crew around but we don't see

a reaction to the episodes until they air.

Well, having people here in the audience

was like doing a live performance and it

was really cool to be able to go over

things with them and say okay this is

why we do it this way this is the

process and now we're going to move on

and we're going to do this but that's

only because we've accomplished these

steps and so I'm talking it through with

them and I loved having them there just to say

okay this is what we do everyday and

this is why we have so much fun but it's

also a lot of work.

We shot in this arena

for two days before we shot it as it's

sort of like it is in its natural state

and we wanted to transform it into

an event so it feels like it has put on

a big show for the

hundred-thousand-dollar Futurity so we

want to transform it into kind of a kind

of sort of rock show kind of feel like

they made it a real event so we sat down

with plans of the arena and talked to Rick Roberts

about what he had in mind for the

backdrops and all that sort of thing and

then plan the lighting out the guys came in

and took two days and set it all up and here we are

it's just working along with the horse

wranglers back and forth making sure we

get the right horses selected for the

riders and then for the actors and stuff

that's an important thing because you

need to have the real barrel racers that

do this for a living on their horses

matched up with our actress that is

playing the star there

that has her horse and make it so all of the shots

tie-in properly for the director and

and it keeps it exciting and real.

So for me as an

actor preparing lines and things like

that really wasn't relevant for today

because there's not a whole lot of dialogue

it's all action based so when I go through my

scripts and I think about how Amy's

feeling in each scene because there's

about twenty four scenes in a very short

period of time that I want to make sure

I can track that because we're not

shooting in order we're filming you know

maybe the scene that comes last for

something that first and so on so I want

to just make sure when I'm doing my

homework that I know where Amy is feeling

and where her emotions are at each one

of those points.

I'm just reviewing the script reviewing the arc of the character

making sure that I'm hitting the beats

that I want to hit with the certain

storylines that we're going through a

lot of the work is done for me at least

I do a lot of the work when we do the

read-throughs in the scripts and just sort of

arcing out where I'm going to go and what's

going to happen and what's happening each

scene so the day before I just kind of

review that and then just sort of tweak

anything or think about anything

So what happened last night?

Charlene called me out of the blue. Asked me out.

turns out she just wanted to tell me

she'll be riding another guy's horse at the

barrel race on Saturday.

I tried talking her into switching

Did it work?

No. We actually had a good time.

Our director, Dean Bennett is incredible and

he's been here since the pilot so he's been here from

the very beginning and he knows the

heart of Heartland he knows how to

capture those emotions and he's so great

at working with us to accomplish that.

Dean is a painter. He is a visual painter

and he also is a real painter in real life

but in terms of cinema and TV he's he's

so good at painting and he approaches

everything like that as he has broad

strokes and does little, you know, designs

and then you'll see you just try this

you can have this feels and he's a joy

to work with because he kind of gives

you a framework to play with and he says, 'now play'

He really is a bit of an artist. We work

really well together, I'm usually the

writer of those scripts and so we have a

kind of a of a connection I guess so

that he really knows what I'm looking

for and and I've when I see what he's

done it's always so much better than I expected.

Do you want to watch the video with me?


Look how fast he is, it's unbelievable.

Wait a minute

Look at this. Right.... there.

You see how high his head is?

There's no way he can see that first

barrel, it's physically impossible for him with

his head that high

There's a lot of teamwork that goes into

all of the scenes we do on Heartland

Heather typically writes all of the

finales for the show and they're always

so full of emotion so full of adrenaline

it's one of those things that you're

going to laugh and cry and everything in

between in the same episode.

And she's very good at that visual creating sort

of visual tension and and really big

scope of the Heartland world as you can

see there is great pot of gold racing Futurity signs...

Here they are ladies and gentlemen

Let's hear it for our beautiful flag-bearers!

Welcome to the Hudson Pot of Gold Barrel Racing Futurity race!

What is she doing? How does she expect to win a race going backward?

Well folks, there's a tactic

I've never seen before

I don't people want people to ever feel

that the show looks lit looks like a studio or

looks fake it's gotta feel real it's

gotta feel like an event

and even the way we shot this we

wanted to light in such a way that we

could shoot the lighting and it was all

kind of you know is visible to the

audience so that it's not like we were

hiding a bunch of movie lights in the

ceiling and then had to shoot around and

we just want to give everybody

everything and make it feel real

feel like you walked into this event.

Craig does a great job of setting up the

world that we film Heartland in and

he's coming here and he said okay so

what do we want to accomplish we want to

see this is a big deal we want to see it

as a great Futurity race so let's bring

in proper lighting that demonstrates

that and let's have the audience

properly lit and featured let's have the

horses properly lit there's a

spotlight above each one of the barrels

all the important components of the

scene makeup the entire world of

Heartland it's so important that we achieve that.

I always like to look at

them like he's like a Jedi like he's

kind of like the silent but very

skillful and tactful man that he would

be able to say like these aren't the

droids you're looking for kind of thing

like all the light is perfect right and

you would believe him because he's so good at

what he does and I'm not just saying that...

We didn't want

it to look like a television show we

wanted to every week to look like a mini

movie and I think Alberta comes with

that on its own and it's just beautiful

and to capture that beauty with the

lighting and is is amazing he's brilliant.

Come on Amy!

And she's done it!

Amy Fleming riding Charger!

That is just insane.

you know it wouldn't have been a good

season ender if she'd lost but Amy is Amy

and I don't think she'd ever let anyone

else win accept her so it's kind of fun

to watch her rise to the occasion and do

the part I like the best is when she

does what's not expected and literally

comes into the arena backwards and and

that's her way of keeping that horse

fact she understands the horse's psyche in

a way that a lot of other people

wouldn't and that's the key to her winning.

I think everybody really looks up to Amy in

the horse world because they know she's

kind of a woman of all trades she can do

it all and there's a little bit of a

fantasy element to that and Amy can do

no wrong type thing but at the same time

it's something that everyone can aspire

to be like because it's so great to be

able to be versatile in all disciplines

and for me you know I ride primarily

western on my time off with my own

horses but I love jumping and I love

riding english and i love barrel racing

and I love... there's so many different

elements and the thing about Amy is she

loves to try them all and she never says

no I'm just a western rider I'm not

going to jump or I'm not going to... she says

hey sure I'll try it. If it deals with horses, I can do it.

I think in the Heartland world

being myself Graham thinking reading the

scripts that I didn't think it was gonna

happen where he was like, 'oh my god, I lost, no!'

But in terms of the reality of the

show that we're playing I think that's

really intense and I think him putting

all his money on the line for this all

the savings he's sweating bullets

he's really sweating bullets and that's

part of the thing that I want to work in

this that that my character is really

nervous and and and sweat bullets but he

doesn't want to show anybody that


he's trying to keep it under control.

I have something to tell you

I have something to tell you too.

Ok you first.

Ok. Uhm... Ahmed offerred me a job

on his team

Wha.... wow.

I don't know what to do I mean it's hard to accept it

but it's also hard to turn that down but I

would never do without your go ahead

you should go


Yeah...we'll be fine.

It's only for a few months

You gotta do it. You have to.

We'll make it work.


Amy and Ty are a point in their relationship right now

where they are a little bit unsure of the future

it's not that they don't want to be

together but they want to make sure that

if they are going to be getting married

for the right reasons and this episode

kind of it it really tests the

relationship and it shows some some

great triumph but it also shows some of

that tension that you know is

involved in any relationship and you

just have to figure out how to work past that.

He has a newfound awareness of his

love for this woman and his care for

this relationship but also what if this

was to happen how's it going to change

that how would I deal with this so he

really in my eyes what I've tried to do

with them is really mature him in terms

of how he sees his life how he sees his

relationship what he wants for his life

when he wants in his relationship and what's

actually occurring and the conflicts of

all those things coming together.

That horse turned out to be a winner after all

looks like you did do something right huh?

Thanks, Tim.'re welcome. Not so sure you know

what you are doing right now.

Over this season, in particular

I think he really grew up and matured

probably because of Amy's accident but

also because he's just more confident in

his place in the world like he's

studying to be a vet, he has goals

he's in love with Amy, they're engaged so

his life has taken such a huge turn from

when we first met him in episode one of

season one so I can't wait to see where

we're taking him next actually because it can

only be in a in a direction that makes

him even more mature and more able to

cope with the world on every front

We'll talk every day


I'll be back before you know it.

I love you.

I love you too.

We have to get going if we want to stay on schedule.

The Prince has made a difference

in Amy's life and it affects Ty in a great way.

I'll take good care of her.

I learned a valuable lesson at one point

on another show show called Road To Avon Lee

And it was that you make them laugh

and you make them cry within minutes

maybe even seconds an audience

should feel like they've been dragged

through a knothole.