Phineas and Ferb - The History of the Tri State Area

Danville is known for spontaneous

musical numbers for instance a lot of

people know that the tri-state area used

to be a bi-state area with an adjacent

area over there where people don't know

is that originally it was three distinct

single-speed areas with people don't

care the founders of the area were

independent thinkers completely

unaffected by bureaucratic hurdles and

that's why the Capitol building was

boosted from Srilanka on the backs of

seven giant sea turtles if the history

of an area the tri-state area for mostly

from Adobe and seaweed if you create a

different elsewhere that's historical

this area so stop believing everything

you read over here's a diorama of the

first diorama up Vincent diorama who

lived back here when I say right here I

mean in this very room till we move into

a studio apartment last year the history

of an area the tri-state area don't mean

to cause a ruckus or a fuss it's the

birthplace of the onion and the devil

cafeteria and home of the patellas

cousin us it's the history of an area

the tri-state area where planning fierce

awesome office space try to think of

someplace better well i double-dog dare

you but if you can't then get out of my

if the history of the Tri