Red Dead 2: All Trapper Locations

so you got your first legendary peloton

read the redemption - by killing that

big ol bear what are you supposed to do

with it

well after you go in that bear hunt with

Hosea and chapter 2 you won't lock the

trapper who appears in several locations

you can trade in your legendary pelts as

well as other perfect pelts and once you

sell them to him he'll be able to craft

unique hats and outfits as well as other

accessories and even saddles completing

challenges will also unlock special

reinforced equipment but first they'll

have to find him the trappers main

locations in the city of Saint Denis

where you can catch a stagecoach or a

train - if you haven't fully explored

Lemoine yet he also has a few camps set

up in the wilderness look west in the

Elysian pool and Roanoke bridge in the

territory of New Hanover you can also

find him in West Elizabeth both far to

the west of Big Valley against the

border and just to the east of rig

station along the railroad line finally

he has a small camp down and tall trees

to the west of Blackwater but she may

have to avoid that location till later

in the game even if you lose your

legendary Pelt before you can sell it to

him check his inventory to see if he

already has it and be sure to bring to

him all your perfect pelts to rock the

best outfits for more read that guide to

help be sure to check out how to hunt a

legendary bear and how to get an elite

horse or check out a rookie guide

everything else

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