How to set up your SunPass - FAST & EASY!


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we're in Florida right now and in the

event that you're moving to Florida or

you're driving through Florida on a

regular basis and you're hitting all

those SunPass toll roads trust me it is

much cheaper to purchase an actual

SunPass whether it is a mobile or a mini

and we are going to show you the

difference between the two as well as

where exactly it needs to be placed on

your windshield

let's take a look are you to resent the

Sun pass now and right when you cross

over the Florida State Line on i-75 and

other major highways you have the first

exit which is basically your Welcome

Center into Florida and that is where

you can purchase the Sun pass now you

have two options number one is what we

chose the Sun pass many as you can see

here this is designated to one vehicle

in one vehicle only the second option is

a Sun pass portable which is right here

and the cool benefits of this is it can

be used in several vehicles so for

example one day you drive to work you

drive your truck and the following day

you drive your car you can take the Sun

pass out of the truck put it in the car

and that is a really cool benefit of the

portable now it's as easy as buy

activate and drive and let's talk more

about the two options on the left side

Sun pass portable sticks to inside

windshield with suction cups can be

moved from car to car which I just

mentioned works on motorcycles that's

cool and Sun pass plus parking now the

Sun pass mini must be permanently

adhered to the inside of window

basically a sticker tag will not work if

removed from windshield so unlike the

portable you cannot take this out not

for motorcycles well the portable works

for motorcycles the Sun pass mini does

not however some past plus parking as

well now as far as price there is a

small price difference the Sun past Mini

is only five dollars and the portable

Sun Pass is upwards of twenty to

twenty-five dollars

and that is a one-time initial startup

fee at this point we now know the

differences between the Sun pass mini

and the portable and the benefits that

the portable has on top of the Sun pass

many however the mini is more affordable

so we've already bought it

that is completing step 1 second step is

activating we got a couple different

actions visit Sun pass calm or we can

call a eight - toll - FLA and here is

the times that you can call and set that

up now the Sun Pass transponder has no

funds and will not work until you put a

minimum of ten dollars on your account

with a credit card or debit card and you

have the option of adding funds with

cash at over 5,000 retail locations and

there is the website for that so what we

are going to do is we are going to call

this number and we are within that time

frame and days and we are going to set

this up

alright youtubers back with you and I

did both at the same time on my phone I

called the phone number and at the same

time I had the phone dialing and on hold

I visited Sun pass calm and Sun pass

calm I was able to cruise through that

activation process far quicker than

calling the phone numbers so I recommend

visiting Sun pass calm and a few things

you're going to need during the

activation process is your plate number

for your vehicle and some form of

payment whether you want to tie to your

bank account or a credit card and then

you're just going to pick the amount you

want put on the actual Sun pass and

you'll also add a security question for

security purposes so at this point that

was very friendly visiting Sun pass comm

was able to quickly add this and just a

quick tip this bottom number here that

is your son pass transponder number so

this is the back side of where this

actual Sun pass was and if you're

interested in all the additional Sun has

many features here is several additional

helpful tips there from here we're going

to go out to the vehicle and one thing

very important to Sun pass will

not work and less stuck to windshield

interior so this is just a sticker let's

go put it on outside of the vehicle

we're putting it on our chrysler

pacifica and let's go top the other side

and this is a very important step the

specific location of the actual Sun Pass

sticker you have your rearview mirror it

has to go up on the left side of the

mirror or the right side of the mirror

for the driver of the vehicle I think

it's going to be more beneficial on this

side because most of the time the

driver's seat gets way more used than

the actual passenger seat so it's one

less thing that it's going to be

distracting in the corner of your actual

view while driving so I'm going to

position it right there and what I want

to show you real quick is once you stick

it on the little sensor is right inside

you can actually see it bubbled right

here so this little corner here we are

going to peel it off and I'll need both

hands to carefully align it properly and

secure it to the window all right I've

spent about 25 seconds and properly

aligned the sticker and pressed it in

place carefully not creating any

additional air bubbles and I think that

is a really good location on the right

side of the rearview mirror again it

does not distract or obstruct the

driver's seat portion of the window and

it's way up there and a convenient

location there what we'll do now this

will step out of the vehicle and just

kind of give a view on what it looks

like and you can't really see it

which is kind of cool it kind of blends

in with the rear view mirror and I think

that's a really good location there so

let's get back in from here all we are

going to do is drive in the Sun pass

lane for convenience and we won't have

to slow down or pull out our wallets

every time we go through the tolls so

with that said let's go back to the

pamphlet and talk about a few additional

features back inside at the pamphlet

again the differences between the

portable mini and here is a better

picture saves time and money so for

example if you just keep paying every

time you go through the tolls it's going

to cost you more if you buy the Sun pass

whether it's a mini or portable you are

saving money every single time you go

through the tolls and again with the

portable can't be moved from card to

card to your warranty no out on the mini

yes I'm a portable Airport parking and

select airports yes and yes requires

permanent installation yes no for the

portable obviously and can be used with

motorcycles nope not for the mini

however yes for the portables that's

kind of cool and an additional thing I

want to talk about is rental cars

unlike the SunPass mini portable can be

used for rental car so if you're renting

a vehicle in the Florida area several

times throughout the month or a year you

can actually take the portable Sun pass

and insert it into a rental car there is

additional information that you have to

visit some past com to insert the rental

car information to your account so

that's a cool benefit and feature of the

portable I'm here what I want to do is

open up the actual shutter here and as

you can see red is SunPass only cash not

accepted purplish Sun pass and cash

accepted and green is cash only there's

not many green areas the green is just

here and one more right here

however as you can see Alligator Alley

and some

in highways 95 475 coming into Orlando

and the additional 589 toll right here

for Suncoast Parkway which then feeds

into the Tampa area which is red some

pass only so there is a better pictorial

version or image of the Sun past

boundaries in highways

that's a youtubers hope the video helped

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