hey diamonds

it's jamika Stevens and welcome to my

channel where I'll show you the ins and

outs of what it means to the

entrepreneur and in today's video I'm

going to give you all a quick tutorial

on how to use certain labels that you

can get from USPS one of the labels is

the priority mail from into labels and

it looked like this another package in

today from USPS that shipped into my

door and it is the tracking stickers

we're gonna do like a little quick

demonstration so you all will know how

to use each one of these before I get

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demonstration we're gonna act like we

are shipping off this book this is one

of my favorite books it's called you are

a badass at making money I got this from

Amazon I'll also leave a link to this

book in the description box below if

you're interested in reading it is a

holy grail of entrepreneurship

trust me first things first we're gonna

put the package we're gonna put the item

in the package now this is a package

that I also got off of Amazon I'll leave

it in the description box below if you

want to order some pink Polly Miller's

they're really cute really cute but


like so so the book is in there what I

like to do I like to fold my packages

sometimes a package is gonna go around

like this and we can put the labels

right there in front I'm gonna tear off

the label

this is the package that we're shipping

to our customer

now there's two methods to do it you can

either write your address in the

customers address on the package itself

or you can just use one of these labels

if you're trying to ship a package off

that's more cost effective just write

your address and the customers address

on here from - if you want to use

priority this is what you're gonna do

just gonna put the label

on here I got a question from someone

saying hey I don't want to put my

address on there how can i still ship

off packages when you're shipping off

like a letter or package through USPS

you don't have to put your address you

can either put your company name or you

can put a custom logo sticker right here

but your information will go right here

and the customers information will go

right here the solution is you don't

have to put your address on the package

but when you go to USPS and they ask for

your information you would have to give

them your address but you don't have to

put it on the package you can even put

something as simple as a custom logo

sticker I make custom logo stickers so I

put a link in the description box below

if you want to order custom logo

stickers as well these are our quarter

size matte white custom logo stickers

and I've made some for myself because

you know why not

so from you can easily just put a

sticker so they know who it's from

but you didn't have to put your physical

address on the package again when you go

to USPS they will ask you okay so

where's the package coming from that's

when you will give them your address in

the to section just make sure you write

in your customers address these are the

tracking labels so the thing is with

these these trackers it's two to a page

now you have to use them properly so I'm

going to show you how to do that there's

a top sticker and a bottom sticker you

want to leave everything below this line

and then when you tear it you want to

tear this top part off but leave the

bottom part these two this number right

here will match

this number right here you just need to

keep track of what sticker goes with

what package I would recommend when you

put the sticker on the package you put

the customer's name this is one of my

customers she wanted the book I'm going

to put the tracking sticker on here this

is her tracking you will put the

customer's name right here you just need

to make a note on here the customers

name because this number right here will

match this number right here because you

tore it from there so that's how you

keep track of the tracking numbers for

your planes so I would just write their

name like say for instance her name was

Jessica put Jessica right there and then

you will know what her tracking number

is that is how you can use USPS labels

and tracking stickers on your packages

the right way I hope you all enjoyed

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