Where is Titanic right now and how Deep is it ?

rms titanic was a british passenger

liner that sank in the north atlantic

ocean in the early morning hours of 15

april 1912 due to collision with an

iceberg during her maiden voyage

numerous expeditions tried using sonar

to map the seabed

in the hope of finding it but were


in 1985 the wreck was finally located by

a joint french american expedition

the wreck of rms titanic lies at a depth

of about 12

500 feet or 3.8 kilometers

about 370 miles southeast of the coast

of canadian province newfoundland

it lies in two pieces about 600 meters


a debris field around the wreck contains

hundreds of thousands of items

spilled from the ship as she sank

the bodies of the passengers and crew

would have also

been distributed across the seabed but

have been consumed by other organisms

as the ship went underwater it took

almost 5 to 10 minutes to reach the

ocean floor

of the 2200 or so people aboard the


only around 700 people made it into life


almost immediately after titanic sank

proposals were advanced to salvage her

from her resting place in the north

atlantic ocean

despite her exact location and condition

being unknown

the families of several wealthy victims

of the disaster formed a consortium

and contracted a wrecking company to

raise titanic

the project was soon abandoned as

impractical as the diverse could not

even reach a significant fraction of the

necessary depth

where the pressure is over 6000 pounds

per square inch

or 410 bar the lack of submarine

technology at the time

as well as the outbreak of world war one

also put off such a project

in later years numerous proposals were

put forward to salvage

titanic however all failed because of

practical and technological difficulties

a lack of funding and a lack of

understanding of the physical conditions

of the wreck site

it was clear that the position given in

titanic's distress signals was


which was a major expedition difficulty

because it increased the search area's

already expansive size

titanic was discovered on 1 september


after 73 years of its sinking with the

help of remotely controlled vessels

which used sonar and cameras to locate

the debris field

subsequent expeditions were made in the

later years

the 2000 expedition by rms titanic

inc carried out 28 dives during which

over 800 artifacts were recovered

in august 2019 a team of explorers and


used deep submergence vehicle limiting


to visit the wreck site marking the

first manned dive to the ship in 14

years five types took place over a

period of 8 days

the team used specially adapted cameras

to capture the wreck in 4k resolution

for the first time

scientists observed that strong ocean


salt corrosion and metal eating bacteria

are attacking the ship they said the

wreck has been down there for 107 years

in strong currents and sea water so it

is a matter of not if but

when the sea will reclaim it in its


they said it's impossible to know

exactly how long it will take for the

ship to completely fall apart

but the observed damage can offer clues

the best estimation is that they remain

approximately 30 years

until the wreck has disintegrated


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