Thoracic Spine Anatomy and Palpation with Michael Lucido

so I want you to draw your thoracic

spine as processes all the way down to

about seven or eight and I want you to

start feeling how they start going

caudal they're very boxy very pointy up

here and they start sliding down the

spine so as eight is going to be about

right there which is closed for the

inferior aspect of the scapula okay so

one two three we're still at the same

levels of the transverse process of the

spinous process we still have the same

level pretty much at t4 and about t5 t6

you guys start considering the trench

process is going to little bit higher

okay so maybe at five we'll palpate it

in a minute

it's going to be about like this six

five there seven six about like that one

of the best ways of doing that is to

come in feeling the rib so here comes

his rib at t7 my markings going to be

off just a little bit right there it's

actually there's this transverse process

right there so I can feel his t7 coming

up like that okay

palpate the rib angles and mark each one

of these ribs coming off the transverse

process like so the ribs are actually at

this point they're actually starting to

tilt slightly inferior because we're

getting ready to wrap around and come up

on the sternum okay we have obviously a

lot of erector spinae here we have the

iliocostalis muscle coming up laterally

and attaching to the angles of the ribs

like this I want you to palpate the

little bitty rotators that are going one

segment and you have motives that we're

going about two segments down like that

and you can't feel these but you then

you have those iliac casteless

muscles coming from the transverse

process going right to the rib like that

and those the ones we believe the

connects could holding the rib up they

respond when you when you gap the joint

it takes care of it okay so just go a

mark your mid thoracic region down to

about t8 or so mark your transverse

processes remember the rules of threes

follow your rib up and find all the

articulations of those okay and mark

some of the muscles as well