Thoracic Vertebrae (T1-T12) Anatomy

Now let's go ahead and go into the thoracic. Now thoracic, if we look at this

guy, so we already know that we talked about cervical has seven cervical

vertebra right? Well how you can actually remember that is you have breakfast

at 7:00, lunch at 12:00, dinner at 5:00. So you have seven cervical vertebrae,

you have 12 thoracic vertebrae and five lumbar vertebrae. So this is gonna be our

thoracic. Another way you can see is it looks like a giraffe. Okay so it kind of

looks like a giraffe there. Alright so that's gonna be our thoracic vertebrae

and again, if you look here thick part of this bone is gonna be the body of the

centrum right. So this is the weight bearing, so this is the anterior and this

is gonna be the posterior. This is our spinous process right there. These are a

transverse foramen -- I'm sorry transverse processes, I apologize transverse processes.

If you notice it has no transverse foramen though, as the vertebral foramen and if

you look right here, these guys right there, that's your superior articulating

processes with facets. Now what I want to do is I'm gonna flip it over and you can

see here the inferior articulating process with facets. One more thing I

want to do, which is kind of specific about the thoracic is, this is the one

that actually these are the the vertebrae that articulate with the ribs

right. So if I look here it might be a little tough to see, but you have what's

called costal facets or deme facets. So right here, if we kind of look here this

is actually gonna be called the superior costal facet or the superior demi facet

right there. And if I kind of turn it here, this would be the inferior facet, an inferior demi facet, the inferior costal facet. And then let's see if we

see one over, here it's not that great but there's another one over here. And

this would be a transverse costal facet or transverse demi facet again. So you

have three demi facets or costal facets if you will, transverse superior and

inferior demi facets and again, these articulate with the ribs that we'll talk

about in the next video. Alright, so again that covers the thoracic vertebrae.