Top 5 Thoracic Spine Mobility Drills

in this video we are going to show you

five great thoracic mobility drills

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the year 2018 have shown that subjects

who sit more than seven hours a day and

who are physically active for less than

150 minutes a week exhibit reduced

thoracic mobility a review by Yoshi

Adele in the year 2019 has found that

increased thoracic kyphosis was

positively correlated with the presence

of a forward head posture

although thoracic mobility was reduced

in the neck pain population posture was

not uniformly associated with neck pain

and disability so while posture might

not have a correlation with pain

literature shows that it may be

associated with psychological issues

such as depression and chronic fatigue

and mental health is generally a

negative prognostic factor for recovery

in many musculoskeletal disorders

furthermore an increased kyphosis limits

over head mobility and may therefore

limit your patient's ability to carry

out certain sports efficiently in the

following we will show you our five

favorite exercises to mobilize the

thoracic spine


alright this was our video on thoracic

mobility exercises if you are interested

in thoracic extension strengthening

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