Skyrim: How To Return To The Thalmore Embassy

hey guys um I do a little introductory

video to my new channel um call me Gavin

yeah it's well my real name is Chris but

that's what everyone else calls me

everywhere else so this is just a

tutorial on how to get back into a

thermal embassy it's quite simple which

but you're gonna have to kill a lot of

film or soldiers and mages before you be

able to easily get in so it's it's

really a really funny glitch but it's

the only way to get back in

other than this other which i think is

patched but yeah what all you have to do

is get a horse

but first I'll show you this is a gift a

lockpick that gate each other 23 this

whole area is invisible wall coded so

you cannot jump over them and the seed

is door wise key when you're doing

requests you can actually get in there

without the key it just opens for you

and gets going see this apart here I

tried to get through several several

times I think you can actually jump over

that with a horse as well but this see

here the invisible walls it's pointless

but it keeps people away from doing what

I'm doing says you see I'm running on

nothing so I spent about an hour and a

half trying to find the glitch and turns

out after I'd found this glitch I looked

down from YouTube's if it was already

there and there was three other people

who had found it except none of them

were in HD so I thought I might repost

it in HD and give you a river to tour

and I thought it might be a bit more

simple when you get it in words rather

than in writing on the screen so all you

have to do is you get a horse any horse

doesn't matter and run to the right side

of the thermal embassy gate and if

you're on the Xbox tap Y on the wall

like conceptually don't stop tapping

like really fast and keep running right

towards the high pillar and keep doing

that or and if you're in the past arrest

a triangle yes so keep doing that in

your glide and then when you hit play

you'll get will eventually get up there

and you'll just float straight over top

when I finally do

it's always so excited because I spent

an hour and a half two hours time like I

said so you should find is very easy and

with practice you have to do it tons and

tons of time again and in this in the

question for do you go into without the

thermal embassy so you can have a party

and pretending they're through the side

doors but you can't go through the front

door and the doors locked on the other

side inside it but this is the place

where the stone of bands are is kept the

Ellen was so low it's kept on a bench

top I think yeah a bench top in one of

the bedroom you will encounter a couple

of thermal soldiers in here so just be

careful it's I think it's easy to

assassinate them or sneak attack them

whatever um another thing that people

come in here for will wanted to come

back in here for is because they saw a

jewelry case but because they didn't put

there when doing the quest and they

didn't get to use lock picks so stuff in

there could be lockpick but when you

come back you can lockpick it with all

the pics you want so upstairs is where

the stone of bones are is kept it's kept

in not this room this is where one of

the film war soldiers sleep and it's

kept in the main bedroom and well I was

so excited when I saw it on the table it

was this is where it is right here on

the Wardrobe sorry not the benchtop yeah

and it's probably one of the best

coaches I've ever found in my life it's

probably funniest glitch ever found in

my life actually no I found a really

funny one where I hit a bear with a club

in a cave in scarm

and the bear jolted up in the air and

got stuck in the roof and he could see

his feet pattering on the roof so it's

hilarious but this glitch is the most

useful glitch I've ever come across and

but we will help a lot a lot of people

out there but if you didn't watch this

one and you watch another one well this

is probably longer one but it's a lot

easier to follow my tutorials and other

people's so well I hope you enjoyed this

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you also you cannot get out the same way

it came in so we have to do is just fast

travel out the same like and your horse

will come with you your follow if you

have a follow will come with you and

really simple and see that invisible

wall easily a horse could jump over that

but not now because it's an invisible

wall so yeah if you find this useful

subscribe because I'm going to be

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recording my screen and maybe some

tutorials on some programs and stuff

well I hope this is good and enjoyed

because this is my first ever video and

I hope you guys liked it if you found

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