Terracotta Army: The greatest archaeological find of the 20th century - BBC News


it's a vast pottery army which is slowly

being unearthed from the tomb where it's

lain for more than 2,000 years at one

time when a choice

I worked in society for many years for


oh yeah so these valets our own

life-sized like real soldiers also they

have a different facial features you can

tell from their hairstyle there there we

call head gears and they can tell

they're different wrecks the tightest of

worries was find I stood too late when

they are little farmers bagging well

here and they find some pieces of the

pottery they also find a head of the

tire to the Warriors and the team a

total team came to this area and makes

back to date

originally in ancient China like 3,000

years ago they believe the afterlife

when the Elise died like king o noble

people they died and the normally buried

their servants with them so the human

sacrifice and eager people stuck

criticize the human sacrifice so they

think probably use the tag to the

freakiest as a substitute when we

discovered in pick tree very

surprisingly we find well preserved

colors when we lift one Tiger worried

toe to the bodies so the very bright

colors stick on a soil very bright

bright red and the pink blue green

the other colors are natural like

natural probably Minoru

or come from some plants but the portal

is chemical from from chemical reaction

so they're Kansas were artificial so

these kind of you know chemical reaction

so only find in China that's really

revolutionary you know that Kansas

Technology in two thousand years ago

inch in time that was really fascinating

part of my archaeological career


I feel unlucky also I feel I have a

responsibility they serve unique in

China and also unique in the world but

now I walk in I still sue as very