Decimal Place Value Song | Tenths and Hundredths | 5th Grade

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if you split the number one into ten

parts that's where the decimal place

values start the values less than one

they're quite small like zero point one

which is a decimal y'all

this number as a fraction is one over

ten and zero point one is it's decimal

equivalent fractions over ten 10 100 1


or other similar numbers that's a

phenomenon decimals are fractions just

with different names

they each have a value that's exactly

the same


you can imagine them

on a place value chart you'll see a

pattern starts if you split one tenth

into ten equal parts this new value is

one hundredth and in every case one

hundred hundredths equals one whole into

the ones place

and if you split just 100 into 10 parts

that's the next place on the place value

chart this value is one thousandth of

the number one

like every decimal it's a special

fraction when the new denominator is a

power of ten

that fraction can be written as this

decimal equivalent

whole numbers to the left decimals to

the right


we've got the tenths the hundreds the

thousands and more let's imagine a

number line to further explore you see

there's a special land between zero and

one where you'll find decimal numbers

and every fraction between zero and one

make ten intervals

these are tenths written as fractions of

decimals when counting by tenths

after you get to nine the tenth tenth

makes one hole on the number line

let's see what happens after place value

decreases and one tenth is divided into

ten equal pieces

we get a hundredth written as point zero

one and ten of these make a ten but

we're not done

split a hundredth into ten parts and

we'll get one thousand

the smallest value we've seen yet ten

thousands makes one hundredth one

hundred makes one temple thousand

thousands makes one whole isn't it




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