Place Value with Decimals (tenths and hundredths) - everyday math 3rd grade 3 home link 5.8

this is a lesson on place value and this

is designed to go along with everyday

math third grade home link five point

eight and specifically we're going to

talk about tenths and hundredths which

may be something that is new to you

let's start by reviewing place value a

little bit here I have a number five

thousand four hundred and ninety two and

just right now if you're watching this

at home think about the about what place

are these numbers even say it out loud

what place is this what place is this

what place is this and one what place is

this you probably already know this is

the ones place this is the tens place

this is the hundreds place and this is

the thousands place you probably knew

all this already and you could probably

even if the number were greater keep

going and showing those places up into

the millions even but today we're going

to go in the opposite direction so what

if we had a number that was like this

now we have a decimal point and we have

a number after the decimal point this

place value is called tens just like ten

but you added th tens so take a look at

these numbers and I'll show you how to

read them here we have five tenths two

tenths the zero you can ignore because a

zero just two tenths is fine twenty five

in one tenth try this one on your own

it is six and eight tenths so over here

we have five thousand four hundred and

ninety two and eight tenths but what if

we add one more digit after the decimal

point do you know what this digit would

be called look over here we go tens

hundreds so just like hundred when you

add a th to the end and at this point

you could probably guess if we added one

more digit here that would be called

what do you think that would be called

thousandth with a th and so on and just

a quick thing about saying this number

you don't have to say five thousand four

hundred ninety two and eight tenths and

three hundredths you just read the last

digit here so you'd say this number and

83 hundredths so let's practice that

real quick okay so here I have a bunch

of numbers with decimals in them and

you're going to say them try to say them

and then I'll tell you how to say these

numbers after I've paused for a moment

so again be sure you're trying at home

and even if you're wrong that's good

because you'll learn from your mistakes

okay what's this number right here this

number is 36 hundredths again you don't

have to say to 0 how about this number

here what's this number say it this

number is 5 hundredths you see there's

nothing in the tens of tenths place five

hundreds how about over here

this number is five tenths this is the

tenths place right after the decimal

point down here

if you have a numbers on both sides of

the decimal just say and when you get

the to the decimal point what is this

number this would be 2 and 87 hundredths

what is this number here we have 17 and

3/10 over here same number a decimal

point in a different spot what is this

one and 73 hundreds down here what have

we got 32 and 2/10 very similar number

but now the 2 is in the hundreds place

what is this number this would be 32 and

two hundreds

and one more this would be 40 hundredths

but really this zero doesn't need to be

there anytime there's a zero on the end

of the decimal you don't need it so this

could also be for tents now to be honest

most people even adults especially

adults are not going to read these

numbers the way we just did they're just

going to say 2.8 seven seventeen point

three thirty two point zero two rather

than 32 and 200 and that's just a

quicker way of doing it and people will

understand but technically

mathematically this number would not be

thirty two point two you could say

thirty-two and two tenths so that took a

while let's get to the homework now and

see how it goes

so we have everyday math Homelink 5.8

again and imagine this square here

equals 1 what would these numbers be so

how many hundredths is this and I think

it's actually easy to do this part first

we have full tens one two three four

five fold tens so if this is one those

would be five tenths with the th and the

hundredths one two three four five six

seven so this number would be fifty

seven hundreds I think you can do number

two and three on your own now let's look

at the second section we're going to

write these words as decimal numbers so

let's try number four 23 hundredths

okay so 23 hundredths is going to be

only a decimal so we'll start with zero

put in our decimal point and 23

hundredths would look like this okay

farther down 30 and 20 hundredths okay

so 30 is the number 30 just like we've

known before this is where the decimal

point would go and then we have 20

hundredths okay 23 hundredths looks like

this so 20 hundredths would look like

that 30 and 20 hundredths there it is

try to do numbers 5 & 7 on your own and

then we have a pattern you can probably

figure out but can you say these numbers

here we have what 1/10 2/10 3/10 next

would be 4 tens and on and on down here

can you say these numbers give it a try

we have 100 200 300 and next would be

for hundreds and just continue that one

on one more thing the last two are just

some subtraction in addition review but

please remember to write these problems

on the back of this page so I can see

how you're thinking as you do the math

that's all this was a long one but I

just give it a try

and rewatch parts of the video if you

need to and I will see you soon thank