Place Value: Tenths & Hundredths- 4th grade

welcome guys in this video we will learn

about two new places on our place value

chart now these two places are different

than all the other places we already

know from the third grade because these

places are less than the ones place so

on a place value chart these are located

to the right of the ones place so let's

go to the writer once place here and we

separate these places by a decimal point

and these two places are called the tens

place and the hundreds place now if you

notice they sound a lot like the tens

and the hundreds place which are over

here but they're different because he's

a tenths and hundredths and if you

notice the endings are different so like

I said these places are going to be less

in the ones place because as we know

when we go left on our place value chart

our values increase and as we go to the

right our numbers or our values will be

decreasing so let's go ahead and talk

about the value of these places all

right so let's go ahead and talk about

the tenths place first

so the tenths place is right next to the

ones place separated by the decimal

sistar once and is our tenth so we're

going to talk about the value of just

one tenth I recommend putting a zero

here to separate uhm not separate but

just to make the decimal a little more

visible because we don't have any whole

numbers so I just like putting a zero

there just to make the decimal stand out

more so this is the tens place here

so what if the value of the tens place

well if you remember we said that this

is going to be less than the ones place

so what is actually smaller than a one

well we're going to have to get into

fractions so the value of our tenths

place is actually a fraction of one

tenth or one over ten so that means that

you need ten tens to make one whole and

depending on your digit here the

fraction changes so for example you have

two tenths the fraction three two tenths

a three three tents for four times five

five tenths and so on and we will need

ten tenths to make one whole so the

value of the tenths place is a fraction

of one tenth so let's go ahead and move

on to the hundreds place

this one's a lot longer to spell so give

me a couple more seconds and I'm but

obviously so the hunters place on the

number on the number line I'm sorry on

the place value chart will be right here

so hung dread again we're going to be

looking at only one hundred so we're

going to put the one here and instead of

leaving these blanks guys let's go ahead

and add those zeros just as placeholders

because that'll make it easier for us to

see the hundreds place so again remember

how I said that the further to the right

we go the smaller the value in the place

well the hundreds place is smaller than

the tens place so it's going to be a

fraction smaller than one tenth and the

value of the hundreds place is a

fraction of one hundredth so this is a

very small value here and again the

fraction will change depending on the

digits in that place so a two here would

be two hundred eighty three here would

be three hundreds of four for hundreds

so that means that we need one hundred

hundreds to make one whole so let's go

ahead and review these two new places

that we learned today they are called

the tenths place in the value that is

one tenth and the hundreds place in the

valley that is one hundred

so as we continue learning about these

new place values just remember that

these two places are less than 1 and

they are fractions 110 and 100 so

hopefully guys you learned the value of

the tenth in the hundreds place but if

you still have a question feel free to

re-watch this video or just come to my

table and ask me a question so thank you

guys for watching and I'll see you next