Temporal Pulse Point Palpation, Location, and Nursing Assessment

hey everyone it's sarah thread sterner

sorry and calm and today I'm going to

demonstrate how to find the temporal

pulse point and whenever you're

assessing the pulse you will be looking

at a few things one thing will be the

rate how fast is it along with the

strength and you'll be grading it on a

scale zero to three with zero being

absent one plus it's week two plus it's

normal and three plus its bounding and

then you'll want to look at the rhythm

is it regular or irregular and as you

fill on the pulse you will be filling

bilaterally to see if they're equal and

to find this artery you'll want to find

landmarks and this always goes for any

pulse point that you're trying to find

now this temporal artery comes off of

the external carotid and goes up and

what you want to do is you want to find

the tragus of the ear which is this part

of the ear and the zygomatic arch is

found above it which is a fancy way of

saying the cheekbone so your pulse site

where this X is is found right here this

is your temporal artery and you'll want

to feel bilaterally and see if they are

equal and the time that a nurse really

feels on this is during that head-to-toe

assessment when whenever we're assessing

the pulses in the head okay so that

wraps up this video on how to check the

temporal pulse point and don't forget to

check out our other videos on how to

assess other pulse points on the body

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