Location of The temple of a million years (AC Origins)

hello everyone and welcome to another

tutorial video in which I will be this

time showing you the exact location of

the temple of a million years a temple

which should be located pretty close to

the region of Lata police and it might

be tricky to locate him because you

can't use your vert senior to scout the

area and to just pinpoint it so we have

to find it ourselves it's actually quite

close to the city where you have to kill

the Scarab which is going to show you in

in a second but just put your marker on

this spot and you will find it pretty

easy so we're now in the in the regions

appear as no me

of course and as you can see the temple

where you needed to kill the Scarab is

right there in the entrance to the old

temple the temple which we need to

investigate is right here so now we're

going to investigate the temple I hope

this video was helpful to you if it was

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succeeding in on your mission bye guys