How To Synchronize Wii Remotes


hello I am running mill and I'm the

editor of absolute gadget the gaming and

gadget news website today I'm going to

be talking to you about how to get the

most out of your Wii console in this

video we'll be showing you how to sync

your Wii Remote

now as the Wii mote as a a cold are

wireless it's not just that it's more

than a simple matter of plugging in a

wire into the console because there is

no wire basically you have to tell that

we we console which Wiimote is which and

this is how you do it now you've got

your Wii mote it might have a nice

plastic rubber jacket on it to protect

it you need to take this off and pull

this back down until we expose the

battery cover now you take that battery

cover on here and you see we've got the

battery there and we've also got this

little red button which helps you sync

the remotes with the Wii console now you

if we just look here to the Wii console

if we just pull this flap back here

where the memory card normally goes

there's another red button here so if we

just go back to the Wii mote we need to

push that button there you should see

that flash in there and then press this

button here and any second now


it will be synchronized now when that

button now it comes on there that's on

the two so hopefully when I push the

when I point the button point the remote

at the screen you'll see a little hand

with a number two and that's how you

think a Wii Remote