What Is a Suprapubic Catheter?


after paralysis the way you go to the

bathroom is different you may need to

use a catheter to urinate this video

will demonstrate the suprapubic catheter

your doctor may have recommended a

suprapubic catheter this is a catheter

that stays in your bladder for weeks at

a time it's also known as a type of

indwelling catheter a suprapubic

catheter requires minor surgery a small

incision is made in the lower abdomen a

catheter is then placed through this

incision your body will heal and form a

passage between the bladder and the

outside of the body this procedure does

not cause any permanent changes a

suprapubic catheter functions similarly

to one that enters through the urethra

the main differences are where it enters

the body and the size of the catheter

the suprapubic catheter is usually

larger just like a urethral catheter a

balloon holds it in place the catheter

drains into a collection bag

there are several benefits to choosing a

suprapubic catheter they are easier to

keep clean it is not necessary to get

undressed to clean or care for the super

pubic catheter a person with limited

hand function may be able to care for

their own bladder it does not get in the

way of sexual activity and it allows you

to drink plenty of fluids since your

bladder is always draining the process

of having the suprapubic catheter placed

is a quick and simple procedure

following the procedure you are allowed

to shower but swimming pools hot tubs or

bathtubs are off-limits for at least

three days be sure to check with your

doctor for more instructions a

suprapubic catheter should not be

removed or changed for at least four

weeks from the initial placement so that

the site has time to heal if there are

problems with draining during these

first four weeks

do not remove it but place a catheter

into the bladder through the urethra

make sure to use the correct size for

this part of the body your suprapubic

catheter should be cleaned with soap and

water everyday wear gloves when you

clean the site especially where the

catheter enters the body along with all

of the tubing

when you're done place a gauze dressing

around the catheter up against the skin

a new catheter should be replaced

through the super pubic site every 28

days you your family and caregivers will

need to be trained by a healthcare

provider on how to perform these changes

correctly your suprapubic catheter will

attach to a leg bag at home bags are

typically changed twice a month however

you may need to change your leg bag more

often ask your healthcare provider how

to clean and maintain your leg bags if

your ability to control your bladder

returns the super pubic catheter can be

removed and the site will close

ultimately it is your decision to choose

the bladder management option that works

best for you