The Steed Stone - Primary Location & Loot Guide - Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim

all right here today doing a primary

location and I think this is actually

the final standing stone location that I

haven't done yet this is the steeped

stone it is up in sneer solitude there's

countless farm and it's closest to iron

back hideout and there's actually see if

I can get a better look at well there's

a wolf skull cave is right about here

can't really see it too well well

interesting this is the steeped stone

and it says those under the sign of the

state can carry more and don't suffer a

movement penalty from armor this

basically adds plus 100 carry weight and

allows you I guess it negates movement

effects from armor which is really nifty

and although I'm wearing light armor so

it's not as much of a difference if

you're wearing heavy armor you would

notice a significant impact upon your

speed I was not a whole lot I can really

demonstrate of course I'll show you here

my career it was previously 470 now it

is 570 which means that this is

definitely great for all you klepto

looters out there just like myself

there's Lydia

now reaching the Steve stone can be a

little bit tricky Oh actually looks like

we do have more spots you can consider

nearby a Quicksilver or vein so a little

bit far away probably close to the

wolf's skull cave here is I'm actually

not going to bother mining it right now

just we'll probably do it when I come

back well I may as well I actually mined

some of it and left the rest but yeah

okay so that's nearby

oh so we're gonna say to approach the

steed stone it's best to kind of do it

from the west yeah this is actually for

rags dad um so you could probably easily

approach from that location and then

just travel east and then you'll hit

this used stone and iron back hideout

you actually have to approach from the


although you can make it from iron back

to the state stone by kind of jumping

along the edge of rocks I can show you a

little bit I just want to check for any

or I might have missed okay

so let's run back up here and basically

what you can do seems like you can

actually take the same route back just

kind of jump along here just save your

game because you don't want to fall

I might end up doing here actually

yeah looks like I might not make it

Oh No

problem well either way let's do this

real quick all right try to show you

from the other direction here following

this time

all right so here we go we started off

there's the hideout just jump here jump

jump and bam steed stone as you can see

actually end up on a Ledge above this

deep stone itself but yeah other than

that Quicksilver or vein it really isn't

any items nearby as generally is

standing stones tend to be devoid of

most items although a few of them do

have some nifty things you can find

around them but other than that that

pretty much covers up this standing

stone location and with that I now have

videos on all 13 make sure to check the

description because I'll be adding

additional information in the form of a

full text guide and I've been doing this

for all the standing stones and I'll

actually have our guide that compasses

all 13 where you can find them and so on

and so forth so definitely check that


when you get the chance and when it

shows up it should be relatively soon

maybe the next couple of days other than

that thank you guys for watching