Tutorial: Steed Stone in The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim

hey guys Tech lowdown four one one here

and in today's video we're gonna be

talking about the steed stone and Skyrim

now the steed stone is a stone that you

get a blessing from and when you do you

get an extra 100 or 150 carry weight and

your armor doesn't penalize you if like

if you're wearing heavy armor

it doesn't penalize you in terms of

stamina and it won't wait anything when

you're wearing it like if I go to my

apparel and I take off this Diedrich

armor my curry weight actually goes up

by 50 instead of down because it doesn't

weigh anything when I'm wearing it now

to get to the steed stone right now I'm

starting off right outside solitude and

you just want to keep following the road

straight from solitude this is a really

long way to go definitely if you're

walking so I would suggest having a

horse when you go here just because

it'll take you forever to get there and

you're probably gonna encounter some

enemies along the way maybe a frost roll

or two

keep following this route here

all right now once you pass the little

sign there with Bear Claw bears down

there you want to turn turn to the right

and follow this road all the way up

once you get to the top here at this

little tea the easiest way I found to

get there is just to go right here in

the corner of it use a little gap here

you just walk right through come up over

the hill here dude jump my horse off

this rock keep going straight and then

turn to the right here all that up got a

stairway and then here at the steed

stone once you hear you all you have to

do walk up to it

activate it and for me it says I already

have the blessing of this stone I'll get

that blessing and that's it but keep in

mind it will take off any other

blessings you have from different stones

or something so yeah that's it for it

this video if guys have any questions

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