All Standing Stone Locations & What They Do | Skyrim


hi guys GT here in today's video we're

gonna be taking a look at all of the 13

standing stones in Skyrim

so following last week's video where I

spoke about what standing stone you

should use I have had lots of comets

about other standing stones so in

today's video I'm gonna be showing you

the exact location of all of scoring's

13 standing stones and I'm gonna be

telling you exactly what happens if you

activate them so guys first up in the

list are three standing stones all in

the same place and they are the Guardian

stones they are located just southwest

of Riverwood I did speak about the

Guardian stones in last week's video so

I'll link that in the description but

very quickly all three of these stones

give you a 20% leveling boost in certain


the thief stone will give you a 20%

boost in all stealth skills the mage

stone will give you a 20% boost in all

made skills and the warrior stone will

give you a 20% boost in most of your

combat skills next up we have the

Atronach stone and this stone is located

just here which is just south of

Windhelm and if you activate the

extranet stone for yourself you get a

boost of plus 50 Magica and plus 50

magic spells absorption however you will

get a minus 50% magic regeneration rate

now 5th in the list we have the

apprentice stone it's located south of

Solitude and just northwest of morph l

if you activate the apprentice stone you

will have a plus 100 magic of

regeneration rate however you will also

have a plus 100 weakness to magic so

next up in the list is the lady stone

this one's located pretty close to the

Guardian stones and it's not far from

Riverwood either it's just in the middle

of this lake and if you activate the

lady stone both your health and your

stamina will regenerate 25% faster so

onto the next one and this one here is

the Lord stone and add this stone if you

are in low-level do beware because there

are frost rolls and bandits here now the

Lord stone is pretty difficult to get to

you as it's kind of in a cluster of

mountains here but the easiest way I

found was to travel south from Dorne

star to the Tower of Mozart and then

walk west from there if you choose to

activate the Lord stone you will have a

plus 50 armor rating and also a plus 25%

magic resistance now we move on to the

next one which is the ritual stone as we

the last one do be careful when you come

here because there is a necromancer who

is pretty strong who will summon this

Gallatin to come a fight for him

tool stone is located east of white room

I'm not gonna say about the necromancer

at the start once a day if you activate

this stone you will be able to raise all

dem enemies to fight for you for 60

seconds so not too many left now and

next up is the serpent stone so this

stone is located pretty far right on a

massive iceberg but you can walk through

it easily from bleak coast cave which is

not too far away from winterhold so when

you activate the serpent stone once a

day you will have the ability to

paralyze a target for five seconds and

also do twenty-five points of damage so

next up in the list is the steed stone

and the Steve stone is located pretty

much northwest of solitude but your

easiest way is to come down here all the

way to the Statue of meridia and just

walk north from there so when you

activate the Steve stone you will have

no movement penalty at all from any

armor that you wear the armor that you

are wearing will be weightless and you

will also have a plus 100 carrying

capacity next up we have the shadow

stone low-level players be careful

because there's usually a mage there

ready to attack you and the map location

of the shadow stone is just safe of

Rifton and if you choose to activate the

shadows stone once a day you will be

able to become invisible for 60 seconds

so last but one in our list and we have

the tower stone this stone is also

located right at the top of a really big

iceberg and the easiest way to get here

is by walking from Winterhold follow

this path here and they come in from the

right hand side there so when you

activate the tower stone you will

automatically be able to unlock an

expert or lower lock once per day so

last but by no means least we have the

lava stone and this stone is actually my

favorite in the game so the lava stone

is located just north of cold king of

mine and it's not too far from markov

either and the reason the lava stone is

my favorite is because if you choose to

activate it every single one of your

skills will improve 50% faster and of

course this comes in really useful

because most people in Skyrim tried to

level up their skills as high as

possible so guys that is every standing

stone in the game and hopefully this

video has been informative to you if you

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very much for watching and I'll catch

you back here soon