The State Department Bubble | National Geographic

even as they leave Pakistan rumors

circulate about a dramatic change in the

itinerary Morocco will have to wait an

unexpected trip and a totally different

crisis await one of the great things

about having a plane that you control is

that you can make last-minute decisions

about changing your itinerary the

Department of State team is heading into

a dispute more than a half century in

the making nightfall

Abu Dhabi Clinton has taken a

spur-of-the-moment detour to meet with

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas her

ultimate goal is to get him to sit down

for peace talks with Israeli leader

Benjamin Netanyahu but Abbas is holding

firm no talks until Israel freezes their

settlement activity in the Palestinian

territories then they're off to

Jerusalem for a meeting with the

Israelis in the back of Clinton's plane

an airborne press conference gets a bit

heated not unusual

whenever Middle East peace is the topic

at hand gone through a difficult period

have any greater sense of the month

a wink of this and if they can't even do

that why should we sit down to talk to

them soon another late night touchdown

this time in Tel Aviv

no sooner has the secretary left the

plane and engaged in formal greetings

with Israeli leaders then she enters

what is called the bubble the hour-long

drive to Jerusalem a bubble refers to

the entire delegation which consists of

security people her senior staff the

press apparatus kind of a mob and the

bubble is an all-encompassing thing it

kind of becomes your life as long as

you're on the road I come to it having

been in this bubble for a very long time

now because of being first lady and

having Secret Service protection of

course you would like sometimes just to

get into your own car and drive it

somewhere which I haven't done for years

or you know just to be able to walk down

a street with nobody following you but

in today's world unfortunately it's very