2006 Honda Accord Starter Removal

okay removing the starter to 2600 accord

the first step is to remove the top

engine playboy doesn't have to be the

first step here's Elvis to nuts right

there you take off the next step is

trimming of the negative terminal on the

battery then you come over and undo this

vacuum hose here and the breather pipe

next we want to loosen the clamps on

this air intake pipe here so this screw

right there you want to loosen and this

one right here

after you loosen these two here you want

to remove this piece so pull this out

okay after you remove the intake hose

the next thing you will do is undo the

EVAP canister hose and undo the

electrical connector to the throttle


after removing the hose here and the

electrical connector here you want to

use some clamps of your choice and stick

them on this hose here and this hose

right here could be lint the coolant

from leaking out and you want to detach

these two hoses after you clamp them

down okay I've got the first hose off

down there right there set the second

one to go yet it helps if you use this

to pinch this clamp right here and as

you're pinching it you can use something

like a screwdriver and instead of trying

to pry this hose off with your hands you

can just use something like that make

sure it doesn't have a sharp edge I'm

going to screw driver and just push push

the hose off instead of trying to pull

it with your hand makes it a lot easier

after you do that you want to undo this

electrical connector here

you want to unscrew this bolt and this

bolt with the 10 millimeter okay after

you remove these two bolts

I just put tape around my bolt so they

stay in place laptop phone

want to remove this bolt right here and

this helps connect this harness and then

you will come use this line right here

to the intake manifold okay after you've

got those undone right underneath the

throttle body there is an electrical

connector right here you can see it

right there so there's a tab on the

other side and as you can see I've got

this tiny little screwdriver tiny flat

head screwdriver

pointed right inside where you need to

push down and then remove that tab from

the metal bracket because this

electrical connector is sitting on this

metal tab and you have to push that in

with a flathead screwdriver in order to

get that electrical connector off the

tab and then after that you can

disconnect it okay there is another

plastic bracket that is connected on

that same cable of the connector that

you just removed off they had a metal

bracket and it's underneath the intake

manifold it's really difficult to get to

and I don't think you'll be able to get

that off until you take the intake

manifold off so we'll take the intake

manifold off and then go back to that

clip later it's really difficult to show

it's right this right here this has to

come off and watch as I remove my phone

camera here you'll know where exactly

where it is and what you have to do to

get actually get it off so that's that's

where it is so we'll skip that step for

now the next step is to take off this

bolt right there

okay after you remove this you don't

have to put tape around it I just like

the bolt to be in its spot when I go to

return it so anyways after you remove

that and you remove this hose like

before for me at least it was easier to

use a tool to push on this tube instead

of trying to pull it my hand I just got

any other side and pushed it off you

might not necessarily have to remove

this but it might give you some more

working room so pinch this clamp and

remove this tube here after you remove

that holes we need to remove five intake

manifold bolts there's one here here

here here and then right there and you

just loosen with your fingers just like

that just getting there torque on there

pretty tight there's another one down


right there see that bolt right there

you got to undo that bolt if you can

reach down there and get it

you remember that strap that I told you

about that clip that's holding the

electrical cable there onto that metal

bracket that I told you to get off it's

right there that blue one well just to

the right of it and this is upside down

of course as it's a mirror so you're

looking at the very bottom of the intake

manifold but that bolt or I mean that

nut right there if you can get a socket

wrench underneath there and just unscrew

that bracket then you won't have to try

and fiddle with getting this clip off of

the electrical cable it's a lot easier

at least I think to try and get that nut

off than it is to try and take that blue

zip tie thing off I was thinking about

just demolishing the zip tie that they

put on and then when I reattached it

just use my own zip tie but try and undo

that nut first I believe it's a 12 on

the socket you want to use an extension

after you get the intake manifold out

you can take a rag and push this push

this open and clean around the inside

there's a lot of junk that gets built up

into there

sorry about the purple screen my phone

has a problem with it it's camera system

on this HTC where if it gets in low

light starts turning purple here is your

knock sensor right here so we'll be

undoing that there's two electrical

connectors so want to undo that

underneath this is a nut that you'll

need to unscrew what you're going to do

that after you unscrew everything else

because it's hard to get a socket in

there to be able to undo it so after we

undo all this other stuff it'll give us

more room to unscrew that top not right


here is your temperature sensor we're

going to uninstall this strap right here

so what you do is this is pretty easy

you can just do that with your finger

just push down on it and slide it off

the metal bracket just like that there's

a bolt right here that you need to

unscrew and then there was one back here

kind of behind this plug right there so

unscrew that one this one undo these two

electrical connectors and the sensor

right here as well as just to give you

more room to work

alright here's our starter this felt

like it could have been like the wisdom

tooth of the car but our next video I'll

get into this thing and find out exactly

which parts I need to start replacing in

here and rebuild it I know for sure it's

probably going to be the brushes because

they wear down and it leaves a bunch of

stuff inside here and we'll crack this

open and see and then rebuild it and

throw it back in and should work out

just fine