The Secret Spider on the $1 Bill

bank notes are something that pass

through our hands almost every day and

yet most people never stop to really

look at them and even if they did these

five secrets are so well concealed that

most people never discover them anyway

from cryptic symbols on the US dollars

to the mysterious doughnuts that keep

our currencies safe this video will let

you in on some of those incredible

secrets if you enjoy it please consider

subscribing number one hidden gold in

2016 the small island country of Fiji

did the seemingly impossible and won

gold in the rugby sevens at the Rio

Olympics the government wanted to

celebrate this achievement in a unique

way and so released two million seven

dollar bills these notes are highly

unusual in the fact that is the only

seven dollar bill ever issued by any

country and their vertical on the front

yet horizontal on the reverse but here's

the secret when you expose the note to

UV light a gold medal appears around the

captain's neck as if by magic and on the

reverse the entire team's medals come to

life in dazzling ultraviolet color

UV ink is a standard security feature

found on almost all of the world's

banknotes and I've made a whole video

about the coolest and most creative

examples but this one probably takes the


number two secret doughnuts there is a

secret pattern hidden on the majority of

modern banknotes it's called the Orion

constellation since it was first noticed

on a 10 euro note and vaguely doesn't

really resemble a Ryan but it made for a

catchy name it takes a form of five

small circles or doughnuts arranged in a

particular way which when detected by

photocopiers immediately cancels the

printing and as well as euros it can be

found on romanian lay pound sterling

Norwegian krone Hungarian forint Swiss

franc US dollars Canadian dollars

Australian dollars Thai Baht Japanese

yen South Africa R and Indian rupee you

get the picture these five rings are

found on almost all major world

currencies but to me what makes this

really exciting

exactly was included on banknotes for

about six years before anyone noticed

and there are said to be many more

secret anti-counterfeiting measures

hidden or money that the various

governments don't publicize and no one

has yet discovered number three the

story of the spider the pattern around

the outside of the one dollar bill

closely resembles the spider's web

particularly surrounding the one in the

top left and top right corners and if

you look very closely at the top right

you can see the spider who spun them

what I love about this is that it's one

of those childhood urban legends those

wonderful little stories that get passed

around in classrooms and in playgrounds

and the one dollar bill hasn't changed

in over 50 years

in fact it's legally not allowed to be

redesigned and so the story of this

spider has been passed down from

generation to generation since the 1960s

spoilsports say that it's not really a

spider at all if you look at the bottom

of the note you can see two small

triangles where all the lines converge

to a point the spider is simply another

instance of this but with this lower

section concealed by the box containing

the one but I've chosen to include it

anyway because I think there's something

really important in those childhood

stories something that can spark a

curiosity in children that we should

encourage and that's a really marvelous

thing number 4 laser beams in 2011

Canada began swapping their paper notes

for plastic ones and like most polymer

currencies these new Canadian dollars

feature transparent windows a security

feature hard for criminals to replicate

but the maple leaf shaped window at the

upper left of each note is hiding a

remarkable secret if you take a laser

pen and shine it through the center of

the leaf the denomination is projected

onto the surface below again this is one

of those cool quirky tricks that school

kids share and demonstrate in classrooms

across Canada

and number five the Devils in the


this one's found on Canadian dollars

once again but on the banknotes from way

back in the 1950s after the death of

King George the sixth in 1952 the

government designed and released a new

series of banknotes with the Queen on

them in 1954 but almost immediately the

Bank of Canada began receiving angry

calls about some rather sinister imagery

hidden within their design if you look

closely at the Queen's hair just to the

right of her ear you can clearly see the

face of a grinning devil there are

various far-fetched theories involving

devil worship and the sort but in all

likelihood this was just a strange

coincidence even still the Bank of

Canada withdrew the notes and replace

them with a modified portrait which

features all together more respectable

hair today these devil moats are highly

sought-after and really difficult to

come by and that's it for now be sure to

let me in on any secrets you might know

about and I hope you enjoyed the video