iPhone 6S Plus Loud Speaker Replacement

iPhone 6s plus loudspeaker replacement

guide the tools were gonna need are

tweezers for screw management a plastic

prying tool for unprimed connections a

Philips head screwdriver a double zero

or a triple zero Phillips head

screwdriver a pentalobe screwdriver

apples proprietary pentalobe screwdriver

a plastic pick for prying the screen

apart as well as a suction cup begin by

powering down the iPhone locate the two

pentalobe screws near the charging port

use the pentalobe screwdriver to loosen

the two pentalobe screws once they're

loose you can pull out

if the screen is badly damaged you can

use a piece of tape to put over it to

make sure that you get a good seal with

a suction cup place the suction cup as

close as you can to the home button

while pinching the frame with your

middle finger and your thumb go ahead

and pull with your index finger and the

suction cup and insert the guitar pick

right near the auxiliary port go ahead

and tilt it left to right to create the

crag now go deeper in on the left side

and then gradually deeper in on the

right side as well take your time when

you're unclamping the phone to the right

of the top of the battery locate the

shield that protects the screen

connections go ahead and remove the five

Phillips head screws they guard the

shield this will allow us to expose the

screen connections and disconnect the

screen go ahead and remove the shield

with a plastic prying tool go ahead and

disconnect the three ribbon cables by

simply sliding the plastic tool

underneath them and just popping them

out of their sockets

first we'll have to remove the antenna

to get the speaker out we'll need to

remove the SIM card tray for this

replacement go ahead and just push it

out now go ahead and disconnect the

antenna cable after you disconnect it go

ahead and gently pull it out once you

get to the SIM tray go ahead and use

tweezers to kind of work around the

corner here and it should be able to

come out just by gently going around the

contour of the SIM tray go ahead pull

out the rest of the cable

the antenna cable traces out all the way

to the speaker go ahead remove the two

Phillips head screws that are guarding

the battery and speaker bracket now

remove the bracket

now go ahead and disconnect the battery

you don't have to disconnect the battery

but we suggest that you do for this

stuff now go ahead and disconnect the


just pry it up and peel it back that

slightly glued on to the speaker


now go ahead and disconnect the cellular

antenna cable

we'll need to remove one more shield

near the lightning cable it's skiing

with brief upside screws go ahead and

remove those three screws and you can

lift up the shield exposing the antenna

cable connection that we'll have to

disconnect go ahead and remove the five

Phillips head screws that are securing

the speaker starting at the top remove

the top two first then the one in the

bottom here and one on the left side and

then the word on the top there trace out

the antenna cable along the speaker and

then push it out of the way and give it

a little bracket there the tote bag


alright now flip over the phone we'll

need to get access to the final screw

that's holding the speaker in its place

and the only way to really get to it is

from this orientation it's located right

there go ahead remove that screw

after removing the school the speaker

should be easily lifted up there

here's what it looks like up close the

long-range Wi-Fi antenna is glued in

along the side of the speaker go ahead

and peel back the tape and you can just

go ahead and peel it right off the

speaker here it is reassembly go ahead

and glue the antenna onto the speaker in

the following orientation go ahead trace

out the cable along the side of the

speaker use the tape to glue it back on

and the following orientation we can now

go ahead and drop the speaker into the


go ahead and use the little pin to

secure the cellular cable to the speaker

and tuck it in now let's go ahead and

secure it with the Philips head screws


the two up top the one on the bottom

right go ahead and flip the phone and

secure the screw that needs to be

secured in an angle on the bottom there

okay flip the phone back over secure the

two remaining screws for the antenna

bracket and the speaker

now let's go ahead and place back the

bracket over the antenna portion there

and secure it with the three Phillips

head screws


moving on to reconnecting go ahead and

start off with the antenna click the

antenna back into its socket make sure

to take your time this is a bit of a

difficult connection but make sure that

you firmly connect that in once that's

in go ahead and reconnect the speaker to

the logic board make sure you get a nice

firm click lay then to trace the antenna

out lay it down along the side slightly

tucking it in you don't have to tuck it

in all the way we're just gonna go ahead

and lay it down along the side and then

connect it up top go ahead and connect

that socket that's also pretty difficult

to click in once you got that click then

go ahead and pop the SIM card tray back

in now it's time to reconnect the

battery now go ahead and place the

bracket over the two connections and

secure it with the two Phillips head



align the screen with the phone go ahead

and pry back the two ribbon cables and

connect the third ribbon cable on all

the way in the right side first take

your time make sure it clicks into place

you don't want a non steady connection

now the second ribbon cable went all the

way in the top once again take your time

make sure they click into place and then

finally the third one


sometimes it takes a bit of time to get

it to go into the socket correctly once

all three are plugged in go ahead and

secure the shield over them starting

with the middle secure the Philips head

screw in the middle first then the one

in the top right and then the remaining

three Phillips head screws


with all of the screws secure we're now

ready to clamp up the phone go ahead and

pick it up starting in the top tuck it

in under latches first then start

clamping it slowly on the left side

started going down and clamping it

around the contour now turn the phone

and do the same from the right side

clamp it up

once everything is firmly aligned go

ahead and Risa cure the two pentalobe

screws you can go ahead and insert them

into their slots first and then tighten

them up now power on and test the phone

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