iPhone 6 Plus Ear Speaker Replacement

iPhone six-plus your speaker replacement

guidance the tools were gonna need our

tweezers for a screw management a

plastic prying tool for prying

connections apart a pentalobe

screwdriver apples proprietary

screwdriver a Philips head double or

triple zero screwdriver a plastic pick

for prying the screen apart as well as a

suction bubble

begin by securing the suction cup as

close as you can to the home button now

while holding the outer edge of the

phone go ahead and pull up with your

index finger that should create a seam

where you can insert a pic near the

auxiliary port go ahead and tilt the

pick left-to-right between the cracks on

all sides don't go too fast and take

your time when unclamping the phone you

don't want to crack the screen remove

the five Phillips head screws that are

securing the cover that guards the

connections from the screen go ahead

start in the top right and going around

the contour of the shield remove the

remaining screws


move the shield out of the way now go

ahead with a plastic prying tool they

can underneath each connection and just

slightly push it up

I should release it these are ribbon

cables be very careful don't use a

metallic tool when making these dis

connections with for connections and

pride the screen is now free on the

inner part of the LCD located the camera

bracket go ahead and remove the three

Philips head screws that guard it

starting in the one on the right in the

middle and the one in the left go ahead

and remove the bracket pull the camera

from the right to the left side exposing

the earpiece speaker go ahead and lift

up and remove the speaker it should just

be able to be lifted right up


reassembly go ahead and put the gear

speaker over the top and then fold the

front camera over the ear speaker please

make sure that everything goes in

correctly and it feels right it should

feel tight take your time

when pressing this in it's very

important that you get the orientation

correct and it's not sitting in crooked

once it feels pretty straight go ahead

and insert the shield over it

go ahead and secure the middle Phillips

head screw is the longer one out of the

three if you get them mixed up then the

one on the right

and then the one in the left let's

reconnect the screen go ahead and align

the screen connections and fill them

back starting with the bottom connection

first go ahead and take your time when

you're plugging these in you want to

make sure it goes in completely and you

feel something like a click

make sure it's nice and tight now the

third connection

the final digitizer connection

once everything feels tight let's go

ahead and reinsert the shield that

guards the connections from popping I'll

go ahead and place the shield over the

connections and secure the top right

Phillips head screw first it's the

longer one out of all of them if you

have them mixed up the one on the left

and then going around the contour finish

off the other three screws let's clamp

up the phone starting at the top go

ahead and insert the screen and first

then lay it down and gently start

squeezing on the left side now gently on

the right side pushing it in going slow

finally clamping it in each corner go

around the contour make sure that it's

nice and solid and there are no cracks

okay let's seal the phone with the

pentalobe screws go ahead and load them

into their sockets

and twist them in

once the pentalobe screws are in go

ahead and power on the phone and test it

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